Month: June 2020

Dehydration Can Hurt Your Efforts To Maintain Healthy Teeth

Is there a chance that your current diet is making it hard for you to protect yourself against oral health problems? While some people hurt their smile by consuming too many sugary, unhealthy products, others may have a harder time fighting problems because of dehydration. During periods where you are dehydrated, your body may have… Read more »

What Care Can You Count On During A Dental Emergency?

A regular dental appointment can keep you informed about the state of your oral health, and alert you to a problem that may have escaped your notice. Routine services have an important role to play in keeping your smile in good condition. Of course, not all situations should be resolved in the course of routine… Read more »

Prevent Cavities With Better Flossing Habits

With a good brushing routine in place, you can keep your smile safe from tartar buildup, cavities, and gum disease. If you are committed to fighting the accumulation of bacteria and food debris that can lead to oral health troubles, you should brush for at least two minutes twice a day, and work to clean… Read more »

Stress And Unresolved Dental Problems Can Lead To Headaches

Is your dentist the right person to talk to you if you want to address chronic headaches? For many people, headaches are linked to problems with their dental health, or they may be part of a larger stress-related issue that also concerns your oral health. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to… Read more »