Your Jaw Health, Your Vision, And Why It’s Time For A Dental Visit

Do you wear glasses? Has it been quite a long time since you got a new prescription (or have you just felt like your Rx was off since you received it)? Perhaps you have never worn glasses but your vision lets you know that were you to actually go see an eye doctor and get a pair, you’d be in such better shape! Whether you’re leaning forward a lot, squinting, or contorting yourself in some other way, you may be overlooking the fact that this can contribute to headaches! Let’s talk about this detail, how your jaw comes into play, and why you should really be coming in to see our Houston, TX practice soon for a headache relief visit!


Pediatric Dental Care Time: Back To School 2018!

Welcome to the tail end of summer! It’s a time when you look back and wonder what happened to a vacation you are so sure just got started. It’s also a time that’s much less relaxed than those first days because you’ve got so many details to tend to! When it comes to your children’s dental care, fortunately, you don’t have to find yourself feeling frantic or overwhelmed. As they gear up to enter into a new year full of classes, friends, and fun, ensuring their teeth and gums are ready is actually quite easy. Bring them on in to our Houston, TX dental practice and we’ll be sure to get their smiles prepped for this exciting new beginning!


Headache Relief: How To Tackle Your Emotions!

While you are clearly dealing with significant and ongoing pain, there’s something you may be overlooking that’s making it more difficult to recognize headache relief is very real and on its way (should you decide to come in for care). You might think of headaches as overwhelming monsters that show up at random, that you have no control over, and that completely envelop your entire self and day. We like to remind you that if you can take a slightly more objective look at this very frustrating concern, it’s often easier to address the problem by easing your emotions and asking yourself: Okay, how can we fix this?


Summertime Headaches: Things To Remember!

Are you getting what you’re thinking of as summertime headaches? Have you always gotten headaches but you don’t think that you’ve ever had them quite to this degree? Is this a new problem for you? Whatever the case, if you’re noticing a problem that’s becoming a trend, rather than something that’s completely gone away, we think you’ll benefit from a visit with us. We offer headache relief and can help you get to the bottom of the discomfort you’ve been experiencing!


For Skeptics: Approaching Our Headache Relief

If you’ve been through the ringer with attempting to find headache relief for yourself, then you may feel like you’ve become a bit of a skeptic. Every time you turn around, you think you’re about to find the answer but you end up face-to-face with new items that don’t work, new ideas that have side effects, or marketing ploys that leave you without any solutions. As a result, we can understand why as much as you’d like to solve your headache concern, you may find that considering one more approach might feel exhausting. However, we’d also really like you to consider that when you’re receiving a thorough evaluation and treatments from our dental practice, it’s a very different and targeted approach. Find out why.


Bruxism Can Cause Dental Damage, Jaw Problems, And Pain

People who struggle with bruxism, an issue with frequent teeth grinding, can find themselves at risk for many different issues. One serious concern is that your teeth can suffer damage when you grind them too often. You could wind up with significant wear on teeth, or even suffer the kind of chip or crack that requires a dental crown. Bruxism can also create issues with TMJ dysfunction, which can have many negative effects for your well-being. Because teeth grinding often happens at night, when you have no way to voluntarily control this action, help from your Houston, TX dentist is important. With a special appliance that you can comfortably wear, you can keep your teeth safe throughout the night. (more…)

Connecting Your Headaches To Chronic Jaw Problems

If you have headaches as a regular occurrence, you can be all too ready to root out the probable cause, and do what it takes to put a stop to the matter. After all, continued problems with headaches can affect your work performance, your mood, and your overall quality of life. One issue that should take your attention is the way that jaw troubles can cause headaches to occur. If you are experiencing issues because of TMJ disorder, recurring headaches can be one of many symptoms you suffer. By seeking treatment from your Houston, TX dentist for TMJ disorder, you can put a stop to those frequent, frustrating headaches. (more…)