Stop Ignoring That Toothache, And See Your Dentist!

Toothaches can become particularly annoying when you are trying to eat or drink something, but you may feel some level of discomfort throughout your day. You might like to believe that this problem will subside on its own, but you should know that your decision to ignore the matter could leave you vulnerable to serious dental issues. If the problem continues to worsen, you could be dealing with an infected tooth that needs to be treated. If the pain is enough to make you change the way you bite and chew, you could be demanding more of your jaw joints, and your other teeth, than you expect. Your Houston, TX dentist can help you restore your oral health by examining and treating an aching tooth. (more…)

Exploring The Connection Between Jaw Problems And Headaches

Why would untreated issues with your jaw have something to do with recurring headaches? If you have issues with TMJ dysfunction, which can affect the joints and/or muscles, the effects can be felt in several places. On top of having difficulty biting, chewing, and even speaking comfortably, you may find yourself experiencing pain in your head, face, and neck. Your Houston, TX dentist can offer expert analysis and treatment for TMJ dysfunction, which can significantly improve your daily well-being. You can be relieved to know that our practice also offers detailed examinations using TruDenta, which can ensure your problems with chronic headaches are identified and addressed. (more…)

Providing Modern Dental Work To Fully Restore Your Smile

Restoring teeth that have been affected by dental damage or tooth decay can be important to your overall oral health, and your dental function. In fact, you might not realize just how severe untreated dental problems can be for your general well-being. Your Houston, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you by taking care of teeth that need dental fillings or dental crowns to address problems. Modern restorations can have a positive effect on your appearance, as well as your dental function, as they are made with lifelike – yet remarkably durable – materials. As a result of undergoing care, you can improve your bite function, reduce stress on your jaw joints, and improve your quality of life. (more…)

Taking Care Of The Different Problems Bruxism Can Cause

You may be putting your teeth under serious pressure while you sleep. You should be concerned about the effects of bruxism if you often wake up with painful or sensitive teeth. Tenderness in your face and jaw can also be a sign of this problem, which causes someone to clench their jaw throughout the night. Your Houston, TX dentist can provide you with an appliance to stop bruxism from damaging your smile. If left untreated, this issue can cause or worsen your TMJ dysfunction, and it can lead to dental damage that will require restorative dental work to treat. (more…)

Performing A Thorough Review To Understand Your Headaches

Your headaches are real, they affect your quality of life, and they can understandably cause you significant distress. Because your Houston, TX dentist’s office is one of the few offering headache treatment through the TruDenta System, you can look forward to meaningful treatment for your headaches. By carefully studying different issues that might be contributing to your chronic headaches, your dentist can determine the best approach to treatment. You can be surprised at how problems that seem to affect your jaw, and your dental health, can contribute to your chronic pain. (more…)

Can TMJ Treatment Solve Your Problems With Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain that affects your neck, head, face, and shoulders may be traced back to an issue with your jaw. TMJ dysfunction refers to the problems that affect your jaw joints and muscles. They may be caused by stress, arthritis in your jaw joints, teeth grinding, or problems that affect your bite function. When your Houston, TX dentist observes signs that you are dealing with this problem, you can receive relief through treatment. Our practice is ready to address TMJ dysfunction, and related problems that may intrude on your quality of life. (more…)

Anxious About A Dental Procedure? Sedation Can Help You

If an untreated oral health problem continues to go without care, the problem can actually worsen. For example, a cavity that currently only affects your enamel can eventually grow large enough to do damage to the dentin beneath your enamel, and eventually cause an infection to spread to your pulp. With that in mind, you can recognize the importance of prompt restorative dental care when you have a problem. One reason people sometimes put off dental care is that they have issues with dental anxiety. If you struggle with this issue, your Houston, TX dentist can talk to you about the appropriate dental sedation during a procedure. (more…)