Headache Relief: Why “Trying Harder” Isn’t Necessarily Helpful

You may think to yourself that if you would just try harder to deal with your headaches, then you could probably finally achieve headache relief. Or, you may feel like it’s close to the end as far as your efforts are concerned but a friend or family member comments that you just need to give it more attention, try harder, and that results will come. The truth is, our Houston, TX team knows firsthand that you can give it all you’ve got but sometimes … it’s just not enough! Take a moment to better understand why taking an easier approach (seeing us for a visit) might be what you really need.


Dental Bonding: Things You Realize During Holiday Time

While you may think from time to time about esthetic problems with your smile that you’d like to resolve, you may sweep them under the rug. This is during your daily life, of course, when things become rather routine and you are accustomed to your smile looking a particular way. However, when the holidays show up, your schedule changes, there are lots of parties, and you suddenly have a lot of focus on your smile, it’s easy to wish you had a way to fix those little issues. Luckily, there is! Talk with our Houston, TX team about dental bonding very soon as your solution!


Your Headaches: Things To Make Note Of

We have mentioned before that keeping a journal in which you maintain an account of your headaches is a good idea. Our Houston, TX team reminds you that even if you’re simply jotting down details on a loose sheet of paper, this can be very beneficial in guiding you toward headache relief. The more we know about the pain you’ve been experiencing, the more quickly we can determine the root cause of this continuing problem, as we find the solution that will help you. While you are welcome to make note of as many details as you would like, our recommendations will help you get started.


Acknowledging The Link Between Teeth Grinding And Headaches

Over time, your teeth can begin to exhibit worrying wear and tear if you struggle with nighttime bruxism. If no action is taken in time, you can wind up with unflattering smile problems, and potentially severe dental damage. What you should know is that a frequent teeth grinding habit can also contribute to TMJ dysfunction, which can cause you to suffer persistent headaches. Your Houston, TX dentist wants you to know that headache relief is possible. Because the problem can be connected to bruxism, relief in the form of a bruxism appliance can have many benefits. You can stop the accumulation of dental damage from continuing, while also alleviating painful headaches. (more…)

Even More Holiday Headache Relief Help!

When your life is controlled at the moment, in part, by your headaches, you may not feel like you really know how to stay out of pain. What’s worse is that when you have not yet arrived at a solution, you may find yourself in all sorts of instances during which you feel vulnerable! You know that pain could be just around the corner. A good example of this is when the holidays roll around. You want to participate and have fun but you ask yourself, is a headache-causer lurking? Will it ruin the party you’re about to attend? If this sounds at all familiar to your usual line of thinking, then our Houston, TX team has some headache relief advice that just might work wonders!


3 Things To Do Right Now Before Holiday Parties

Everywhere you look, there are signs that the year is, indeed, heading toward its close. However, since you haven’t been to a single holiday party just yet, you are well aware that there’s still just enough time to get some end-of-year things accomplished that you know need getting done. When it comes to your oral health, our Houston, TX team asks: Is there anything you think you should be considering before we see 2019’s arrival? If you’re not sure, we think a few suggestions may help remind you of what you may have been meaning to do for your grin!


Thanksgiving: Consider Some Helpful Headache Tips

Next up? Thanksgiving! It’s almost here. We just got through Halloween and the day of turkey (and gratitude, of course) is about to arrive. So, why aren’t you smiling? Is it because you were worried that Halloween was going to end in disaster because of your headaches and now, here you are again, facing yet another holiday (that will be followed by another)? We understand! Of course, our Houston, TX team would like you to take a moment to think about some tips we have for headache sufferers. If you’re ready for headache relief but you have not yet seen our team, it’s time to take action, so you feel good again and can enjoy this lovely season!