Digital X-Rays

Faster, Safer Dental X-Rays

X-rays are an important part of your routine dental exams, and generally, you should have them taken at least once a year to keep your dental records properly updated. They can also play a vital role in providing more comprehensive diagnoses or in helping to improve the planning of certain treatments. At our office, we utilize digital X-rays to help streamline your visit and provide high-quality imaging in a faster and more comfortable manner.

The benefits of digital X-rays

  • Clearer X-ray images – Like all digital images, digital X-rays offer a higher level of detail and clarity than conventional, film-based X-rays. This means your images are easier to read, trouble areas are easier to spot, and treatment planning is made much more accurate.
  • Lower radiation exposure – Conventional X-rays rely on film-based procedures, meaning the images have to be developed chemically like photographs. By contrast, digital images are produced without the need for such equipment, allowing us to capture X-rays with up to 90% less radiation exposure.
  • More personalized care – Because your X-rays are digital, they can be used for a wider range of treatment options. As we explore your images with you on the chairside monitor, we can more thoroughly explain your oral health needs and help you make better, more personalized decisions about your dental treatment.
  • Earlier, more accurate diagnoses – Not only are digital X-rays clearer, but they can also be magnified to focus on specific areas of your oral structures. This allows us to spot the earliest signs of issues like tooth decay, jawbone degradation, and other potentially serious conditions before they grow more severe.

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