Rotary Endodontics

Minimally Invasive Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment – also known as endodontic treatment – isn’t usually known for being comfortable or minimally invasive. However, with our innovative rotary technology, we can make most root canal treatments much less invasive and more comfortable than you would expect. Instead of a traditional dental drill, we can utilize a quiet, handheld electrical rotary device that allows us to access the infected interior of your tooth more comfortably and efficiently. If you choose, you can also opt for an appropriate level of dental sedation, which will help you relax even further and remain more comfortable throughout the your treatment.

The benefits of rotary endodontics

  • Significantly more comfort – Rotary endodontics gives us the ability to access a tooth’s interior pulp and root canal without having to alter as much tooth structure. The technology also produces significantly less discomfort than the traditional dental drill that is often used for this purpose.
  • No noisy drill – In addition to being more comfortable than a traditional dental drill, rotary endodontic technology is also quieter, and therefore, less disconcerting. For some patients, the loud noise can add to their discomfort, and using a quieter solution goes a long way in helping them feel more at-ease.
  • Improved tooth health – Because the rotary technology is more precise than a traditional drill, we can perform root canal treatment while minimizing the amount of tooth structure that must be modified. This means your tooth will retain more of its natural structural integrity, improving its long-term health.
  • No need for tooth extraction – The point of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that’s been extensively infected with decay. The alternative is to extract the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading. By making treatment more comfortable and convenient, rotary endodontics can encourage more patients to seek treatment in time to save their teeth.

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