Drug-Free Headache Relief From Your Dentist

woman happy about headache relief from dentistTylenol and other over the counter pain relievers are the most common go-to treatments for headaches. If you experience chronic headaches (one or more a week), or face and jaw pain that leads to headaches, you may be a candidate for a type of proven headache relief provided by your dentist. TruDenta utilizes a combination of techniques, found in sports medicine, to restore balance to the muscles of your face and mouth that may be preventing you from attaining headache relief.

TruDenta Provides Long-lasting Headache Relief

Instead of masking your pain, like many other types of pain relievers, TruDenta targets the source of your pain at its core. Unbalanced forces in your mouth can affect nearby muscles, causing chemical and nerve changes that result in chronic pain and headaches. By rebalancing these forces, TruDenta restores normal function to your muscles and provides long-lasting headache relief.

Are You a Candidate For TruDenta?

Chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and ringing in your ears (tinnitus) are some of the symptoms of a typical TruDenta patient. Candidates for this system are those who have suffered from headaches and found little to no relief through traditional treatments, and would like a proven, drug-free, and pain-free alternative.

How It Works

After discussing your headache history with your dentist, the TruDenta system works to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain. This objective diagnostic information helps us create your personalized treatment plan. The treatment works by re-training your muscles and restoring their proper function. Treatments may last about an hour, and include the use of several proven, FDA-cleared technologies. Depending upon the severity of your diagnosis, your treatment may consist of up to twelve in-office visits completed weekly.


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