Please Don’t Ignore The Symptoms Of TMJ Dysfunction

If you want to enjoy life without chronic headaches, painful jaw movement, and stiffness in soreness in your face and neck, you should talk to your Houston, TX dentist about these symptoms when they start to affect you. These can all be signs of TMJ dysfunction, a problem rooted in your jaw health. If something is affecting the joints or muscles that move your jaw, you can feel the effects in several areas. Our practice can perform detailed reviews to determine what is affecting you. When the problem is recognized and understood, the appropriate solution can put an end to your chronic discomfort! (more…)

What Kind Of Topics Can You Discuss At Your Routine Checkup?

Is it fair to say that if you have no cavities, you must have no problems with your oral health? As common a problem as they might be, cavities are only one of many different issues that your Houston, TX dentist is ready to help you with. Of course, during every routine dental exam, decay is a problem your dentist is keenly interested in identifying and treating. With that said, these appointments also allow you to discuss any other concerns you might have that could relate to your dental well-being. You might want to mention problems with facial and dental soreness in the morning – by doing so, your dentist can recognize the need to discuss bruxism with you. This is just one of many cases where mentioning a problem can lead to important treatment! (more…)

Are You Experiencing Frequent Headaches? Tell Your Dentist!

If you frequently need to cancel plans due to headaches, if you find yourself frequently restocking your medicine cabinet with aspirin, or if you are just tired of dealing with recurring pain, talk to your Houston, TX dentist about headache relief. This might seem like a strange way to deal with your problem – after all, you typically associate dental care with teeth and gums – but our practice can help you determine why you are having headaches, and help you deal with them. You might be surprised at how often headache issues can be traced back to problems with a person’s oral health, particularly when they have untreated or undiagnosed TMJ dysfunction. (more…)

We Can Make Sure Your Cavity Issue Is Fully Treated

People tend to be fully aware that a cavity is a serious problem, and that treatment from their dentist will have to take place to put an end to the matter. With that said, people sometimes fail to realize just how harmful decay can be, and how their tooth can continue to experience harm until they seek care. Your Houston, TX dental practice is ready to fully tend to your needs if you have a problem with tooth decay. The threat of a spreading cavity will be addressed by removing damaged dental tissues, then your tooth will be supported with the appropriate restoration. If you want to avoid problems with cavities that have time to grow serious, make sure you are scheduling regular dental exams! (more…)

Using An Appliance To Protect Your Smile From Bruxism

When you have no protection against a nightly teeth grinding problem, known as bruxism, you can face the threat of serious dental damage. Over time, the pressure placed on your teeth when you clench your jaw can wear down your enamel. This can negatively affect your smile, to the point that you might be eager to seek cosmetic dental work to address the matter. Unfortunately, the problem can progress further from here. As enough pressure mounts, your teeth can be worn to the point that your ability to bite and chew is negatively affected. You can even cause chips and cracks in your enamel! If you want to protect yourself effectively against bruxism, talk to your Houston, TX dentist about receiving a special appliance to keep your teeth safe. (more…)

An Incomplete Smile Can Interfere With Your Dental Function

Without a full smile, you can become self-conscious about your appearance, and you can find that your favorite meals are more difficult to enjoy due to problems with your dental function. What you may discover over time is that, unfortunately, tooth loss can create issues with the health of your jawbone, and jaw joints. Your Houston, TX dentist’s office can talk to you about planning prosthetic dental work that relies on a modern approach to restoring your full smile. In addition to providing a lifelike restoration, you can receive a dental implant to keep that restoration secure. In the long term, a restored smile can reduce your risk for jawbone deterioration, as well as headaches and other pains associated with TMJ dysfunction. (more…)

Using Thorough Tests To Find The Reason For Your Headaches

What do you normally do when you start to feel a headache? For people who suffer this issue infrequently, the answer to their problem can be to simply reach for their aspirin, and hope the problem resides shortly. If you have frequent problems with headaches, or especially painful migraines, the idea of continually reaching for pain relievers and hoping for the best can become frustrating. Your Houston, TX dentist’s office understands that life with chronic headaches can be difficult, and quite frustrating. We can use TruDenta to thoroughly examine you, and determine why you are having this issue. Because headaches are often linked to dental problems like TMJ dysfunction, we can also work with you to improve your quality of life. (more…)

A Dental Crown Can Offer Important Bite Support

Being able to bite comfortably can be more important than you realize. If you have problems with dental sensitivity that changes the way you apply pressure while biting and chewing, you can create excessive pressure on your jaw joints. As that pressure mounts, you can start to experience issues with TMJ dysfunction, which can lead to unpleasant experiences with pain in your face, neck, and head. Of course, you should also be concerned about the tooth itself – pain or sensitivity can be a sign of an infection that will require restorative dental care. Your Houston, TX dentist can place a dental crown on a vulnerable tooth, and make sure any issues with an infection are treated, so that your tooth and bite function can be restored. (more…)

The Connection Between TMJ Dysfunction And Your Oral Health

When you think about what constitutes an oral health problem, you may focus solely on issues like cavities and gum disease. What you might not realize is how other issues with the condition of certain teeth, your dental alignment, or even your bite function can create problems that call for professional oral health care. TMJ dysfunction refers to any issues with a person’s jaw joints and muscles, and it can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms. While several issues can cause this problem to occur, it should be noted that oral health problems, particularly those that affect your dental function, may be the reason for your TMJ troubles. Your Houston, TX dentist can examine your oral health to determine what issue, or issues, might be to blame before planning your treatment. (more…)

Stop Ignoring That Toothache, And See Your Dentist!

Toothaches can become particularly annoying when you are trying to eat or drink something, but you may feel some level of discomfort throughout your day. You might like to believe that this problem will subside on its own, but you should know that your decision to ignore the matter could leave you vulnerable to serious dental issues. If the problem continues to worsen, you could be dealing with an infected tooth that needs to be treated. If the pain is enough to make you change the way you bite and chew, you could be demanding more of your jaw joints, and your other teeth, than you expect. Your Houston, TX dentist can help you restore your oral health by examining and treating an aching tooth. (more…)