Should You Visit Your Dentist To Talk About Teeth Grinding?

Your mornings are becoming less pleasant because you keep waking up with painful or sensitive teeth, and a sore jaw. These issues are signs that you have begun grinding your teeth at night, and you should know that the problem can worsen over time. Eventually, your tendency to clench your jaw while asleep can cause visible wear and tear that hurts your smile. You can even grind your teeth with enough force to chip or crack your enamel! This ongoing problem, known as bruxism, is something we can help you address at our Houston, TX dental office. We can provide a custom appliance that you can wear at night to stop you from hurting your smile. We can also help you if your problem is connected to unaddressed issues with TMJ dysfunction. (more…)

Dental Exams Lead To Important Oral Health Feedback

The information you receive during a routine dental exam can provide important details about your overall oral health. One benefit is that you can have a developing cavity identified and treated with a dental filling before the problem worsens. With that said, there are man other issues our Houston, TX dental practice can recognize, and address, when you come in for care. In addition to checking for any evidence of tooth decay, we can recognize problems that point to trouble with TMJ dysfunction, or identify signs that you could benefit from an ultrasonic scaling. By looking out for any problems that might affect you, our practice can help you stay on top of all of your oral health needs. (more…)

Make An Appointment To Discuss TruDenta Headache Treatment

A headache can sap your concentration at work, make you irritable around your family, and generally make days longer and less pleasant. As much as you would love to be free of this problem, you seem to be experiencing pain more frequently, and without a clear cause. Our Houston, TX dental office can help you understand why you have headaches – and figure out how to address them – with TruDenta treatment! TruDenta is a non-surgical approach to understanding why a person has recurring issues with headaches. Through evaluations, oral health treatment, and corrections to your bite function, we can help you put a stop to your ongoing troubles, and enjoy a better quality of life. (more…)

Poor Dental Health Can Lead To Chronic Discomfort

When you have problems with your oral health, you can deal with more than just a less attractive smile. Issues with teeth that are unhealthy may cause you to change the way you bite, chew, or even speak because of pain or sensitivity. Unfortunately, compromising your jaw movement can lead to problems with your joints that result in the development of TMJ disorder. If you have chronic, unaddressed issues with your jaw, you can start to suffer regular headaches, have a harder time with jaw movement, and develop a tendency to grind your teeth. At our Houston, TX dental office, we can provide a full evaluation to determine how your oral health is affecting your quality of life. In addition to restoring unhealthy teeth, we can work with you to address the effect of TMJ disorder. (more…)

We Can Secure A Lifelike Restoration To Your Dental Implant

If you have suffered tooth loss, how much support can you really expect from a dental prosthetic? Are you going to have a hard time biting and chewing with this restoration in place, or will you find that it has an artificial quality that makes you self-conscious about your smile? At our Houston, TX dental practice, we can talk to you about the benefits of dental implants to support dental prostheses, and we can even restore your implant with a lifelike restoration! Having an implant-held restoration can give you back a smile that looks natural, and it can help you avoid problems after tooth loss that can lead to issues like TMJ dysfunction. (more…)

3 Problems People Can Experience Due To Bruxism

Have you noticed that you tend to wake up with stiffness in your face and jaw, or dental sensitivity? Do you feel like your teeth are starting to lose their shape because of wear and tear? People who experience these problems have symptoms of bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding. This problem often takes place while they sleep – while you should be resting peacefully, you can unconsciously clench your jaw throughout the night. This can lead to several problems, including some big issues for your oral health and smile! At our Houston, TX dental practice, we are ready to identify signs of bruxism, and provide treatment for you. Taking care of the problem can help you stay out of pain, and it can protect you from potentially serious dental damage! (more…)

Are Your Headaches Connected To Oral Health Problems?

If you have a headache, your instinct can be to reach for a bottle of aspirin. If you continue to have headaches, you might want to bring the problem to your dentist’s attention. It may seem strange to think of a dental practice as the place to go for this issue, but chronic headaches are associated with uncorrected jaw troubles. At our Houston, TX dental office, we can talk to you about TMJ dysfunction, which may be the reason for your recurring aches and pains. We use advanced diagnostic evaluations to understand why you have headaches, and how TMJ issues might be related. Based on your evaluation, we can talk to you about the potential for restorative dental work to help you enjoy life without those aggravating headaches! (more…)

Discussing Treatment To Address Dental Wear And Tear

Your teeth are designed to withstand considerable forces when you bite and chew. While this function is not something we tend to think about consciously, we expose our teeth to friction on a frequent basis, which can eventually lead to problems with wear and tear. Typically, the effects of wear and tear can cause little change to a person’s appearance, though the issue can accumulate over many years. However, you may notice a change happening at an unexpected rate. This can be due to problems with naturally weaker enamel, or a habit of chewing on hard surfaces. However, it should be noted that it is also a sign that you are struggling with bruxism. At our Houston, TX dental practice, we can provide important support for bruxism, and we can help you do something about visible wear and tear on your teeth. (more…)

Using Dental Crowns To Restore Your Smile, And Your Bite

Is a sore or sensitive tooth changing the way you bite and chew? This is not a minor inconvenience – a prolonged issue can lead to stress on your jaw that results in TMJ dysfunction, and you can put certain teeth through more wear and tear than is appropriate. Ignoring the matter of your sensitive or painful tooth is also a problem, because you could be ignoring a harmful cavity! At our Houston, TX dental practice, we provide strong and supportive dental crowns that are custom-made for the teeth they are meant to protect. Your crown can even match the look of your natural tooth, so you will not have to worry about your smile changing as a result of your restorative dental work. (more…)

Do You Need Help Dealing With Nightly Teeth Grinding?

Waking up with pain in your jaw joints, your face, and your teeth can make the start of your day less pleasant. It can also serve as a warning that you are dealing with bruxism, a term that refers to a persistent teeth grinding habit. Nightly teeth grinding can be difficult to address – after all, it is an action that you perform unconsciously. Fortunately, your Houston, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you manage the matter! We can provide you with a special appliance that will allow you to sleep comfortably, and protect your teeth against the potential harm that bruxism can do to them. (more…)