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When Poor Dental Health Leads To Headaches

Have you thought about asking your dentist for help with headaches? It may seem like an unusual request, but when you suffer from TMJ problems, it can lead to positive results! Our Houston, TX dental practice is prepared to help you take on problems with your jaw alignment and movement that cause discomfort in your… Read more »

Does Your Toothache Keep Coming Back?

When your toothache isn’t that severe, it might be mitigated with an over-the-counter pain reliever or appropriate home remedy. In many minor cases, the pain is barely a nuisance, and goes away easily. However, in most cases, it comes back, and the discomfort grows stronger and stronger each time. That’s because pain relievers and home… Read more »

The Holidays Are Coming! How Are Those Headaches?

If you suffer from any type of consistent headache pain, then there’s always the question in the back of your mind: What if I get a headache during the party? What if my headaches ruin the holidays? What can I do to avoid ending up in pain? When you know that you need headache relief… Read more »

Bruxism Can Cause Dental Damage, Jaw Problems, And Pain

People who struggle with bruxism, an issue with frequent teeth grinding, can find themselves at risk for many different issues. One serious concern is that your teeth can suffer damage when you grind them too often. You could wind up with significant wear on teeth, or even suffer the kind of chip or crack that… Read more »

Why Mention Your Symptoms During Visits?

You may feel like some symptom you have experienced is “probably nothing.” Or, you feel a little overwhelmed by it because you don’t know what it could mean. There are many reasons you may choose to keep symptoms to yourself during dental checkups with us. However, what we like to remind our patients is that… Read more »

Discomfort: When You’re Not Sure

You know that you’re experiencing discomfort. However, you’re having a hard time pinpointing where that pain starts and what’s causing it. If you feel embarrassed to schedule a visit with us because you don’t have any answers, we strongly suggest you consider the following: That is one of the very reason you should schedule a… Read more »

Affording Headache Relief In 2017

There are many factors that go into affording the care you need for your smile and if you require headache relief. Since you’re distracted by chronic pain, it can be easy to overlook the date and forget all about your dental insurance benefits for the current year. However, it’s very important that you keep this… Read more »

Helping You With Your Toothpaste Questions

Have you been spending a significant amount of time trying to decide if you should just come right out and ask us about your toothpaste use and dental hygiene habits during your next visit (or, if perhaps this is stuff you should already know, so you worry we will be disappointed in the question)? Here’s… Read more »

Jaw Pain: When It’s Not Allergies, Sinuses, Or Anything Else

Have you been trying to figure out why nothing you do seems to make your allergies or sinus pressure any better? Perhaps you don’t really even feel congested but your symptoms are all in line with reactions to pollen. If you’re dealing with headaches and discomfort, it might be time to come talk with us…. Read more »

Uncommon Reasons Why Teeth Ache

When teeth hurt, it’s often because the tooth is damaged, or infected, or its roots and nerves are somehow exposed. This can happen due to a variety of issues, the most common of which include tooth damage, progressive tooth decay, and gum disease. Sometimes, however, the possible reasons for your toothache aren’t common ones. Today,… Read more »