Jaw Pain: When It’s Not Allergies, Sinuses, Or Anything Else

Have you been trying to figure out why nothing you do seems to make your allergies or sinus pressure any better? Perhaps you don’t really even feel congested but your symptoms are all in line with reactions to pollen. If you’re dealing with headaches and discomfort, it might be time to come talk with us. What you are mistaking for allergies just might be the side effects of a functional problem like TMJ disorder or bruxism. Good news: We can treat them!

About The Symptoms

Remember that when you feel discomfort in your head, there’s a lot going on in there! Jaw discomfort or pain, facial exhaustion or discomfort, pain in your teeth, headaches, neck aches, and more can all come from problems with your upper respiratory system. They can also come from disorders that affect your jaws, teeth, and muscles, such as TMJ disorder or bruxism. To find out if your symptoms are actually from jaw tension, teeth grinding, or teeth clenching, come talk with us.

What To Do For Relief

Schedule a consultation with our practice. We won’t just take a quick look at your smile and then tell you what we think. Instead, we will run a surprisingly complete diagnostic evaluation to get to the bottom of things. Are you grinding? Clenching? Dealing with injury? Do you need help with alignment, old dental work, or your posture? Dealing with TMJ disorder, bruxism, or similar issues may give you all the relief you need!

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