Helping You With Your Toothpaste Questions

Have you been spending a significant amount of time trying to decide if you should just come right out and ask us about your toothpaste use and dental hygiene habits during your next visit (or, if perhaps this is stuff you should already know, so you worry we will be disappointed in the question)? Here’s exactly what you need to know: Such questions are always welcome, we will never judge you, and the more you ask, the better you get at brushing, flossing, and everything else! For now, we can offer some significant help to ensure you’re headed in the proper direction.

Questions and Answers

Question: What are the general guidelines for choosing toothpaste that will work? Can I just pick up anything at all from the drugstore?

Answer: If you want to use something that will benefit your oral health during your dental hygiene, then you should always choose toothpaste that adheres to the following: Make sure it’s fluoridated, that it is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA), that it is not abrasive, and that you like using it.

Question: Why does it matter if the ADA has approved the toothpaste I’m using? Does it actually make any difference at all?

Answer: It actually does make a difference. If it has the ADA Seal of Acceptance on it, then it’s been tested. If it’s been tested and it has passed, then it’s going to be effective because the tests it undergoes for safety as well as effectiveness are quite strict!

Question: How do I know how much toothpaste to use for my dental hygiene? Should my child use the same amount, too?

Answer: This depends. For children four years and older, teens, and adults, it’s a pea-size dab. For three-year-olds (and younger), you’ll need to apply about a grain-of-rice amount to your child’s brush.

We Are Always Happy To Answer Dental Hygiene Questions

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