Q&A: Connecting Bruxism With Your Headaches

When you are on a very detail-oriented search for headache relief that will give you your life back, you might uncover some potential causes that you never considered. For those already diagnosed with bruxism disorder, the discovery that this functional issue is contributing to the problem can feel both relieving and somewhat confusing. Do you have questions about the connection between bruxism, headaches, and more? No problem: We’ve got your answers!

Questions and Answers

Question: Why didn’t I realize that my headaches are probably the result of bruxism disorder?

Answer: If you didn’t notice your bruxism (which many people do not), then this may never have occurred to you. Then of course, since you’re not a dental professional and might not know about the specific details associated with grinding and clenching, it’s not unusual that you didn’t connect the dots on your own!

Question: Will my bruxism treatment completely alleviate my discomfort or will I need additional care to achieve headache relief?

Answer: That all depends on the cause or causes of your headaches. For some, addressing bruxism will do the trick. We will also suggest some lifestyle tweaks to ensure that treatment can work without any interruption. However, remember that there may be additional concerns affecting your ability to stop your headaches (which we will help you address).

Question: How do I find out if it’s just bruxism disorder (or not) and how to proceed?

Answer: We will work one-on-one with you to determine whether there are additional causes, we will monitor your treatment closely, and we will consistently shape and improve your headache relief care plan, if necessary, to guide you toward a life free of chronic headaches.

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