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Halloween: Fall Favorites, TMJ No-Nos

There’s nothing quite like the arrival of fall! Even when the temperatures are not quite as chilly and crisp as we might like for them to be, it’s easy enough to enjoy the time of year by indulging in the seasonal treats that begin popping up in celebration! While many of them will not be… Read more »

Tooth Loss: 3 Unexpected Problems It Can Cause

There are some problems that can come from losing your teeth. Of course, you already know about some of them! Tooth loss can make you feel less confident about your smile and appearance, it can make it harder to eat the foods you usually enjoy, etc. While this might be enough motivation to cause you… Read more »

Headache Relief: Relaxing Your Muscles

You keep hearing that the reason you have so many headaches may be the result of muscle tension. You should really relax, people say to you. So, you think to yourself, okay, take a deep breath, relax…but nothing much happens except for maybe the tiniest shred of relief. Here’s what you need to know: Getting… Read more »

Why Mention Your Symptoms During Visits?

You may feel like some symptom you have experienced is “probably nothing.” Or, you feel a little overwhelmed by it because you don’t know what it could mean. There are many reasons you may choose to keep symptoms to yourself during dental checkups with us. However, what we like to remind our patients is that… Read more »

Headache Relief: Consider Posture Killers!

As you will learn when you meet with us for an evaluation that will help us offer you personalized headache relief, your posture may come into play. When you have poor posture, you strain certain muscles. This discomfort can radiate far and wide, having an effect on your neck muscles, your jaw joints, and more…. Read more »

Dental Sealants: Very Helpful For Kiddos!

Do you have dental sealants on your to do list but you have not yet scheduled them? Are you under the impression that sealants are probably a good idea for your child’s smile but you still don’t really know what they do or why we mention them so frequently during visits? To erase the mystery… Read more »

Put Dental Insurance Benefits To Use!

Have you been planning on coming in for headache relief? Excited about our TruDenta system? Need a general or cosmetic dentistry service for your smile? If you have been thinking about it but keep following the thought up with, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” it might be time to act fast! If you are someone who… Read more »

3 Times Aggressive Isn’t Better

When patients come to us with oral health problems, from TMJ disorder and bruxism to gum recession, we often find a common culprit: Aggression! Whether you’re overdoing it with your brushing habits or you have come up with your own DIY elaborate therapy for sore jaws, it’s usually best to contact us (the professionals). Give… Read more »

Q&A: Yes, You Can Afford Care

We are often heartbroken to discover that patients who are otherwise enthusiastic about dental care don’t call us for visits because they worry about affordability. We believe that everyone interested in doing their best to keep their smiles healthy should have that chance, which is why we offer multiple means of making our services as… Read more »

A Few Tips for TMJ Pain and Headache Relief

Like a toothache, TMJ pain can range from just a little discomfort to severe pain, and anywhere in between. Unlike a toothache, however, TMJ pain is not relegated to just one area of your mouth or jaw, but can actually spread to a variety of areas throughout your head, neck, face, shoulders, and more. Headaches,… Read more »