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An Incomplete Smile Can Interfere With Your Dental Function

Without a full smile, you can become self-conscious about your appearance, and you can find that your favorite meals are more difficult to enjoy due to problems with your dental function. What you may discover over time is that, unfortunately, tooth loss can create issues with the health of your jawbone, and jaw joints. Your… Read more »

Tooth Loss: 3 Unexpected Problems It Can Cause

There are some problems that can come from losing your teeth. Of course, you already know about some of them! Tooth loss can make you feel less confident about your smile and appearance, it can make it harder to eat the foods you usually enjoy, etc. While this might be enough motivation to cause you… Read more »

Holidays: Perfect Motivation To Replace Missing Teeth

If you don’t have a complete smile but are missing a tooth, a couple teeth, a lot of teeth, or all of your teeth, the holidays offer exceptional motivation to finally do something about it. Why now, you wonder? What’s so special about Thanksgiving and everything that follows that’s going to provide that spark of… Read more »

3 Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

Are you missing one or multiple teeth? If so, you know that this is a problem that affects the way you look and the way you are able to function on a daily basis. However, you may do your best to get by and convince yourself that it’s something you can tolerate if you just… Read more »

An Implanted Upgrade for Your Dental Prosthesis

Your smile, including your teeth and oral structures, are unique, and so are your needs when it comes to restoring your dental health. Because of the intricate nature of tooth loss, modern dentistry offers a variety of restorative options for rebuilding your smile (i.e., dental bridges and dentures), depending on how many teeth are missing…. Read more »

Dental Bridges: The Good, the Bad, and the Alternative

When you lose a tooth, your immediate concern should be how to replace it so you can restore you mouth’s function (as well as your smile’s appearance). For many people, the solution lies in custom-built dental bridges, which span the gaps left by missing teeth to help rebuild incomplete smiles. However, before deciding if a… Read more »