Category: Restorative Dentistry

What Can I Do If I Lose A Filling Or Dental Crown?

Having a dental filling or dental crown put in place to protect a vulnerable tooth can keep that tooth safe from further physical damage, and protect it against infection. Dental restorations are used after cavity treatment – or after treatment for physical trauma – to provide lasting support since teeth are limited in their ability… Read more »

My Teeth Are Starting To Look Worn Down – What Can I Do?

The work of biting and chewing may take a toll on your teeth, leading to signs of visible wear and tear. While some changes from friction can be hard to avoid, you may be concerned about this effect if the quality of your smile has started to suffer. Sometimes, people unknowingly put their teeth through… Read more »

Make Sure A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth Is Properly Restored

After you chip or crack your tooth, you may find it hard to feel comfortable with your smile. Over time, you can start to experience problems with pain, or find it uncomfortable to put pressure on your tooth. By taking problems with an injured tooth seriously, and talking about the matter with your dentist, you… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Help With Toothaches, Headaches, And More

Having a smile that looks great is important, but there is more to dental care than just the way your teeth look. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we can help take care of patients who find themselves struggling with issues that cause different types of discomfort. In addition to helping patients take care of… Read more »

Your Dentist Is Prepared To Handle Your Dental Emergency

If you are unsure of what to do after injuring your tooth, it can be easy to fall into a state of panic. How can you keep your injured tooth safe until it is treated? What can you do about discomfort? When can you arrange for an evaluation from your Houston, TX dentist? You can… Read more »

Choosing A Crown That Can Provide Long-Term Bite Support

Your dental crown creates a cap around a tooth that requires protection. The presence of this restoration can help you keep a vulnerable tooth healthy from decay, and also stop it from suffering structural harm. In order to remain effective, your crown should be able to maintain its stability, shape, and overall condition even as… Read more »

What’s Interfering With Your Bite Function?

Ideally, a person should evenly apply and release pressure whenever they bite or chew. If you have an uneven bite – meaning there are imbalances in this function – it can lead to several worrying issues in time. One problem is that a flawed bite function can create tension that causes TMJ disorder, and may… Read more »

Talk To Your Dentist About Problems That Cause Discomfort

Ideally, your only trips to the dentist will be for routine dental checkups, where you can dependably hear good news about the state of your smile. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy these ideal circumstances! You may be concerned about your dental health because of a painful toothache, or because you are not able… Read more »

Can I Really Put Bite Pressure On My Dental Prosthetic?

How will your life change after receiving a dental prosthetic? If you have spent an extended period of time with an incomplete smile, you can enjoy the boost this restoration provides to your confidence. With that said, people who receive a prosthetic may still have some concerns that make them uncomfortable, particularly when it comes… Read more »

We Can Offer Modern Treatment For Your Broken Tooth

The pain of a broken tooth can be hard enough to deal with on its own, but you also have to worry about the impact dental damage can have on your smile. When people in the Houston, TX area experience dental injuries, our practice is ready to help! We can perform a review to determine… Read more »