3 Times Aggressive Isn’t Better

3magentaWhen patients come to us with oral health problems, from TMJ disorder and bruxism to gum recession, we often find a common culprit: Aggression! Whether you’re overdoing it with your brushing habits or you have come up with your own DIY elaborate therapy for sore jaws, it’s usually best to contact us (the professionals). Give us a call to set up a visit, so we can set you straight on the best practices for a healthy, protected smile.

#1: When You’re Brushing

Keeping your oral health pristine is not something you will accomplish with aggressive brushing. The instinct to do so makes sense but it is counterintuitive. Instead, you should brush with a soft touch. It will protect your gum tissue and your smile as a whole.

#2: When You’re Chewing

Perhaps you think that it’s good for your teeth to chomp through hard foods or crunchy foods. Perhaps you think it will strengthen the muscles surrounding your jaws. Nothing could be further from the truth. We always suggest that you stick with foods that break down easily, so you can limit your chewing. Too much of this motion can become damaging to supportive tissues (and trying to chew food that is too hard may damage teeth and jaw joints).

#3: When You’re Stretching Your TMJs

Maybe you think to yourself that you should stretch your mouth open as far as you can if your jaws are uncomfortable or sore. Perhaps you think you should stretch in every direction possible and hold the stretch. In fact, the worst thing you can do is to attempt to stretch your jaw joints without instruction. Extra motion can lead to injury or can exacerbate an existing condition like TMJ disorder. If you need treatment, we will provide it for your oral health!

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