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Periodontal Disease And Pregnancy

Pregnant Houston TX

If you are expecting, you know that it seems that everywhere you turn, there is some new concern that you have to consider. For some, the idea of keeping their oral health in check during this time may fall behind on their list of priorities. Do not let this be you, however, as it can… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: Are You Feeling Holiday Ready?

The holidays, as you have thoroughly realized by now, are upon us. This means that it’s nearly time for Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and possibly lots and lots of guests descending upon your home. Or, you may be putting the finishing touches on your plans for what you’re going to pack for some… Read more »

3 Things You Won’t Experience At Our Practice

We usually spend time telling you primarily about the things that we do offer at our practice. However, today we would like to review some of the stuff you will not find yourself experiencing at our practice. If you take even a moment to think about the type of issues that ever cause you to… Read more »

Put Dental Insurance Benefits To Use!

Have you been planning on coming in for headache relief? Excited about our TruDenta system? Need a general or cosmetic dentistry service for your smile? If you have been thinking about it but keep following the thought up with, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” it might be time to act fast! If you are someone who… Read more »

Q&A: Yes, You Can Afford Care

We are often heartbroken to discover that patients who are otherwise enthusiastic about dental care don’t call us for visits because they worry about affordability. We believe that everyone interested in doing their best to keep their smiles healthy should have that chance, which is why we offer multiple means of making our services as… Read more »

Quiz: Pressure And Your Teeth

Do you ever find yourself feeling like there’s a ton of pressure behind your teeth? Maybe your teeth don’t necessarily hurt but it’s that feeling of pressure that makes them uncomfortable. While this oral health concern can be hard to describe and figure out, it’s easy to make more sense of the issue when you… Read more »

Pain: It’s Your Oral Health Warning

Nobody really likes to talk about pain, particularly because it’s something nobody enjoys experiencing. However, it is important to remember that this sensation is one that generally lets your body know something isn’t quite right. When we’re talking about discomfort and your oral health, you should consider some helpful advice that will protect your smile… Read more »

A Few Tips for TMJ Pain and Headache Relief

Like a toothache, TMJ pain can range from just a little discomfort to severe pain, and anywhere in between. Unlike a toothache, however, TMJ pain is not relegated to just one area of your mouth or jaw, but can actually spread to a variety of areas throughout your head, neck, face, shoulders, and more. Headaches,… Read more »

Seek Treatment In 2015

Have you been telling yourself that you will give us a call to schedule an appointment in 2016 (as your way of procrastinating without losing sight of your oral health)? While resolutions are always a wonderful way of motivating yourself to do positive things, this approach can backfire when it comes to your dental care…. Read more »

More Comfortable Treatment with Dental Sedation

Because dental treatment may sometimes involve one or more complex procedures, anesthesia and dental sedation are frequently a necessary part of treatment. Local anesthesia is administered to block nerve signals and reduce physical discomfort, while sedation and general anesthesia help calm your nerves and keep you relaxed. For patients who experience dental fear or phobia,… Read more »