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Using Digital X-Rays To Identify Oral Health Concerns

At our Houston, TX dental practice, patients can count on expert treatment whenever they come in for routine oral health care. You can receive helpful tips to use at home when you take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing, and enjoy an expert teeth cleaning during your appointment. During your visit, you can… Read more »

Dental Exams Lead To Important Oral Health Feedback

The information you receive during a routine dental exam can provide important details about your overall oral health. One benefit is that you can have a developing cavity identified and treated with a dental filling before the problem worsens. With that said, there are man other issues our Houston, TX dental practice can recognize, and… Read more »

Poor Dental Health Can Lead To Chronic Discomfort

When you have problems with your oral health, you can deal with more than just a less attractive smile. Issues with teeth that are unhealthy may cause you to change the way you bite, chew, or even speak because of pain or sensitivity. Unfortunately, compromising your jaw movement can lead to problems with your joints… Read more »

Should You Be Worried About Your Bite Function?

There are some matters that obviously have an effect on your oral health. Tooth decay is a common concern, and definitely a problem you want to avoid. You should also take care to protect yourself against gum disease. What you might not realize is that an unchecked problem with your bite function might lead to… Read more »