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Restoring A Smile Hurt By Bruxism

If you let a problem with nightly teeth grinding and clenching go untreated for too long, the impact on your smile can be severe. As time passes, you can experience worsening issues with wear and tear that leave teeth misshapen and unattractive. This issue can also be linked to larger concerns about jaw pain and… Read more »

Protection For Your Nightly Bruxism Issues

When you spend your nights grinding and clenching your teeth, it becomes difficult to avoid problems with your smile, and even with your oral health. This issue, bruxism, can lead to serious wear and tear on your enamel. Your teeth can become misshapen and worsen, and they can even be chipped or cracked due to… Read more »

Find A Solution For Bruxism

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, can have severe detrimental effects on not only your teeth but also your jaw. Moreover, it can be caused by a variety of things — ranging from jaw alignment issues to emotional and environmental goings-on. While teeth grinding is a frustrating and sometimes painful ordeal, there are solutions that… Read more »

Should I Discuss Bruxism With My Dentist?

If you catch yourself grinding your teeth reflexively during the day, or if you have reason to believe you are doing so while you sleep, tell your dentist! A problem with habitual teeth grinding, or bruxism, can lead to more trouble than you may expect if it is not properly managed. This issue could be… Read more »

Addressing Bruxism With A Custom Guard

If you spend your sleeping hours grinding or clenching your teeth, you can do damage to your smile and experience potential oral health issues. People who deal with this problem, known as bruxism, are at risk for damaging their enamel, but a custom oral guard can help. Your Houston, TX dentist can provide you with… Read more »

Is Bruxism The Reason Your Teeth Have Become So Sensitive?

Even your favorite meal can be hard to look forward to when dental sensitivity is affecting your daily life. The reasons behind why people experience this problem can vary. For some, it can be the result of a dental injury or infection, while others may be experiencing problems with enamel erosion. It can even be… Read more »

Stress Can Cause Bruxism And Other Oral Health Issues

How does stress affect an individual’s dental health? In stressful periods, people sometimes fall into poorer habits than they usually maintain, which may affect their ability to protect themselves against cavities. It is also possible for someone living with stress to begin grinding their teeth. While a habit of grinding or clenching your jaw can… Read more »

3 Problems That Can Be Linked To Nightly Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth at night can be the reason why you often wake up with stiffness and soreness, or even a feeling of sensitivity in your teeth. This can be a less than ideal way to start your day, but what you should know is that this problem, known as bruxism, can lead to worrying… Read more »

We Provide Custom Appliances To Help You Manage Bruxism

Leaving a problem with teeth grinding untreated can cause you to experience headaches, difficulty with biting and chewing, and potentially serious dental trauma over time. This issue, known as bruxism, can be connected to TMJ dysfunction, and can actually make this matter worse by continually putting stress on your jaw! At our Houston, TX dental… Read more »

Wearing An Oral Appliance To Address Dental Discomfort

If you are experiencing dental discomfort, a custom oral appliance can prove effective at addressing the matter. At our Houston, TX dental office, we can craft a custom guard to help people who are struggling to put a stop to problems linked to TMJ dysfunction. If you have trouble moving your jaw, feel persistent soreness… Read more »