Stress Can Cause Bruxism And Other Oral Health Issues

How does stress affect an individual’s dental health? In stressful periods, people sometimes fall into poorer habits than they usually maintain, which may affect their ability to protect themselves against cavities. It is also possible for someone living with stress to begin grinding their teeth. While a habit of grinding or clenching your jaw can be controlled during the day, you should be aware that this behavior can also occur during rest. While our Houston, TX dentist’s office is able to address this problem, known as bruxism, with a custom oral appliance, you should watch out for signs of stress and their potential toll on your dental well-being. Recognizing and reacting to this issues can help you prevent dental health issues from occurring!

How Serious Is Bruxism?

If bruxism is not being properly managed, it can become a serious issue for your dental health and general well-being. A typical person can bite down with considerable force. By applying that force to your teeth, you can wear down your enamel gradually, changing the appearance of your smile. You can also develop chips and cracks that may require restorative dental work! Bruxism is also a concern because it can lead to TMJ disorder, and it may be part of why you experience chronic headaches.

Make Changes Before Bedtime To Reduce Your Risk For Grinding

Your habits before turning in for the night can contribute to your risk for nightly teeth grinding. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol can help you reduce your tendency to grind or clench. Whenever possible, look for little ways to reduce stress at night, or instill a sense of relaxation. Going to bed in a state of calm can help you rest more effectively.

Other Oral Health Issues Connected To Stress

During stressful periods, you may not notice how your diet has changed, or how little attention you pay to your daily routine. Unfortunately, this can lead to a greater risk for cavities, which means you may need a dental filling during your next dental appointment. If your stress is causing you to grind or clench your teeth, the pressure on your jaw joints and muscles can lead to changes in your bite function. This can result in the experience of chronic pain due to TMJ disorder. The tension in your face and jaw can cause chronic headaches if it is not addressed.

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