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Treating Your Dental Headaches

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If you wake up each day with headaches that will not go away, it can take effort to discover why they happen. While drugstore pain relievers can temporarily end your discomfort, you may find them returning regularly. If your previous attempts have failed, you should speak to your dentist about whether your pains are due… Read more »

Valuable Headache Treatment From Your Dentist

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When you experience chronic headaches that seem to never disperse, you should explore all of your options for discovering their root cause. While over-the-counter pain pills can temporarily offer relief, sometimes a more involved procedure can offer long-term relief. In fact, your current pain may be the result of problems within your jaw or untreated… Read more »

When Oral Health Issues Trigger Headaches

What is causing you to have more headaches than normal? It could be a problem that is linked to your oral health. When poor jaw alignment and movement result in ongoing problems with TMJ disorder, you can have difficulties with headaches and other problems that impact your quality of life. Fortunately, treatment is available to… Read more »

How TMJ Problems Lead To Headaches

How often do you find that your daily plans have to be changed because you are dealing with a painful headache? Is this kind of discomfort becoming a regular issue for you? The trouble could stem from unresolved tension from poor jaw alignment and movement, something that your Houston, TX dentist’s office can help you… Read more »

Your Oral Health And Your Headaches

Problems with more frequent headaches can be a cause for a concern, and it can certainly make it harder for you to take care of your daily responsibilities. What you might not realize is that this issue can point to a problem with your oral health, one that your Houston, TX dentist can address. Our… Read more »

The Benefits Of Evaluating Your Bite Function

What kinds of issues should you watch out for if you want to protect and preserve your oral health? Good dental hygiene is certainly important. Smart diet choices will also contribute to your ability to protect your teeth. One issue you should watch out for is a problem with your bite function. Uneven or awkward… Read more »

When Jaw Problems And Headaches Are Connected

How often do you find yourself searching your medicine cabinet for aspirin to manage a headache? How frequent are issues with jaw pain that make it harder for you to bite, chew, and speak? When you have these issues, it can point to an imbalance in your jaw alignment and movement. In other words, you… Read more »

Can Better Jaw Movement Lead To Pain Relief?

If you live with recurring aches and pains in your jaw, sometimes find it difficult to bite and chew, and experience frequent headaches, the problem could be with TMJ disorder. This issue occurs for many reasons—when your problems lead to problems with your joint alignment and movement, it can cause persistent problems that lower your… Read more »

Can TMJ Treatment Put A Stop To Headaches?

There are certain conditions that can feel like an obvious problem for your dentist. However, you may not realize that certain consequences of TMJ disorder are worth mentioning during an oral health evaluation. One thing to know is that your struggles with headaches could stem from problems with your jaw health and alignment. If trouble… Read more »

TruDenta And Headache Relief

Are you currently living with headaches that occur frequently? The problem may be one that you should bring to your dentist. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we can work with you to determine how this discomfort might be linked to problems with your jaw health and movement. With TruDenta, we can gather detailed information… Read more »