Treating Your Dental Headaches

If you wake up each day with headaches that will not go away, it can take effort to discover why they happen. While drugstore pain relievers can temporarily end your discomfort, you may find them returning regularly. If your previous attempts have failed, you should speak to your dentist about whether your pains are due to an oral health issue or a problem with your jaw. We could help determine if you have a problem with the trigeminal nerve. This can cause severe pain in your head and face whenever you move your jaw. It could stem from problems with your bite’s alignment.

At your Houston, TX dental practice, we can provide a comprehensive diagnosis of your headache or chronic jaw pain and help decide which treatment options best offer relief. By examining your jaw, we will determine if it is causing your pain and begin treatment to bring it into proper alignment.

Problems With Your Oral Health Can Lead To Severe Headache Pain

When determining the source of your pain, it can be difficult nailing down what factors contribute. But by talking with your dentist, we can examine your oral health to diagnose if it is causing your discomfort. If we find that your jaw is not in alignment, we may see that awkward movement of its joints is causing severe strain in your face and jaw. This can trigger severe headaches throughout the entirety of your head because of the system of nerves that runs throughout. Fortunately, we can provide an alternative to surgery for relieving your pain.

Valuable Relief With TruDenta

TruDenta treatment allows us to diagnose and treat problems with the alignment of your bite and jaw to help cure your dental headaches. We begin by gathering a series of digital images of your entire mouth and jaw. We may see misalignment from physical injuries, odd chewing patterns, or even poorly performed dental repairs. With nonsurgical treatments, we can relieve the stress placed on your joints and relieve your pain.

Staying On Top Of Your Oral Care

Because problems with your bite can lead to headaches, we emphasize the importance of regular oral hygiene to protect your smile. In addition to regular brushing and flossing your teeth, receiving a dental checkup every six months can help you prevent decay that damages your dentition. Remember that a healthy smile is less likely to cause problems with the joints of your jaw.

Talk To Your Houston, TX Dentist About Relieving Your Headache!

When you stay on top of your oral care, you can prevent problems with your bite that lead to severe headaches. If you are currently in pain, we could inspect your jaw and mouth to see if nonsurgical therapy can provide relief. Call Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX at (281) 974-4494 to learn more about how we can help!

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