Valuable Headache Treatment From Your Dentist

When you experience chronic headaches that seem to never disperse, you should explore all of your options for discovering their root cause. While over-the-counter pain pills can temporarily offer relief, sometimes a more involved procedure can offer long-term relief. In fact, your current pain may be the result of problems within your jaw or untreated oral health issues. Certain patients irritate their trigeminal nerve, which can cause severe face and head pain when they move their jaw in awkward positions to account for poor bite alignment.

At your Houston, TX, dentist’s office, we can examine the operation of your jaw to determine if it is contributing to your headache trouble. When necessary, we can perform corrective work to offer desirable headache relief and prevent other health complications associated with your misaligned jaw.

When Headaches Result From Problems With Your Oral Health

Because headache pain has multiple causes that are sometimes difficult to discover, you should speak with our team to determine if issues with your oral health are a contributing factor. When your jaw is out of proper alignment, or you attempt to compensate for a poor bite, you can cause pain throughout your face and jaw. This can trigger general headaches that you may not understand are connected to your issues with your jaw. Luckily, a nonsurgical procedure may be able to help you bring your jaw into a desirable position that alleviates your painful symptoms.

TruDenta Can Bring Your Jaw Into Position To Relieve Your Pain

With TruDenta, we provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for the underlying cause of jaw misalignment that contributes to your headache pain. Using a series of digital imaging procedures, we evaluate your condition and determine which particular therapies rehabilitate your jaw. Whether your alignment issue is from poorly done dental work, physical trauma, or even a quirky chewing habit, we have you covered. You may find that relieving stress within your jaw joint relieves stress throughout the entirety of your face and head as well!

Regular Oral Care Can Prevent Potential Pain

When you keep up with your semiannual cleaning and examinations, you help prevent conditions that can contribute to your headache pain. Regularly removing plaque and tartar helps you fight erosion from tooth decay that can wear your teeth and pull your jaw out of position. Because jaw and head pain can result from poor oral health, make caring for your teeth a top priority!

Speak With Your Houston, TX Dentist About Headache Relief!

By regularly visiting your dentist, you can prevent oral problems that contribute to headache pain. If you currently experience pain in your jaw or head, we can perform an evaluation to determine if problems with your alignment are the cause. Call Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX at (281) 974-4494 to learn more about how we can help!

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