Empowering Smiles With A Modern Approach

At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, your dentist places an emphasis on using modern technology to best serve our patients’ smiles. By investing in fresh machinery, we can focus on the comfort of your care and transcend more painful practices of the past. For example, advancements in digital imaging processes allow us to gather the full picture of your oral health in a much less invasive manner. They can provide a clear picture in real time that we digitally project during your treatment. This improves our accuracy and eliminates lag time from developing film.

Besides advancements in digital imaging, our practice invests in ultrasonic scaling for periodontal care. This tool allows us to fight gum disease during its earliest stage by breaking up deposits of plaque that feed infection. Using soundwaves, this technology cleans the tooth’s roots under your gumline with less trauma to the tissue than standard scaling equipment. We offer this procedure for both reversing gingivitis and controlling gingival infection when bacteria reach your alveolar bone.

Technological Advancements In Oral Imaging

Taking images to observe and diagnose issues with your oral health allows your dentist to plan the most appropriate treatment. Modern intraoral cameras provide digital images during your routine checkup and cleanings to best keep an eye on your smile. By scanning areas of your teeth and gums that we cannot observe unassisted, we obtain a fuller picture of your total oral health. Digitization provides enhanced definition and clarity during diagnosis to more accurately pinpoint any problems with your teeth. Because they produce results instantly, digital cameras eliminate any waiting period for photographs to develop. We can easily store and share pictures taken during your exam for future reference.

Treating Gum Disease With Sound Waves

The same bacterial deposits of plaque and tartar that contribute to tooth decay threaten infection of your gums when not properly removed. At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry, we can use ultrasonic scaling tools to remove these deposits from the roots of your teeth beyond the abilities of your standard cleaning. This can enhance your comfort and reduce the amount of time it takes your gums to heal by providing a less invasive treatment. Your dentist will apply a local anesthetic prior to scaling to prevent any pain during the procedure as well. Rigorous oral hygiene after your ultrasonic scaling session will help prevent future flare-ups of your periodontal disease.

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At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, our modern dental technology can aid your comfort during care and help improve your procedural outcomes. To learn more about how we invest in new developments in oral healthcare technology, call your Houston, TX, dentist, Dr. Vlachakis, at 281-974-4494.

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