Can Your Dentist Provide Headache Relief?

If you have a headache, you can reach for an over the counter pain reliever and lie down until you feel better. If you have frequent headaches, you can lose interest in short-term solutions and start to seek treatment for their cause. What you may not realize is that your headaches can be triggered by unresolved oral health and jaw troubles. You can unknowingly agitate the trigeminal nerve—which is responsible for jaw movement as well as sensations in the face, head and neck—by depending on a poor bite movement. This can be what triggers the onset of your pain. At our Houston, TX dental practice, we can provide a thorough evaluation to determine if corrective work can improve your quality of life and help you live without your recurring headache issues!

Headaches And Your Oral Health

Headaches have multiple triggers, which can make finding their source difficult. One reason why many people suffer them is because they have problems with their oral health. Poor bite movement and jaw alignment can cause several kinds of discomfort, including headaches. Until the problem is dealt with, you can continue to trigger them and not understand what is happening. Fortunately, discussing the problem with your dentist can actually lead to nonsurgical relief and a better quality of life!

Using TruDenta To Address The Source Of Your Headache Troubles

With TruDenta, our practice can provide a thorough review to see how your bite movement and jaw alignment might be contributing to your discomfort. This kind of evaluation provides important information, and it can do so with digital measurements that keep you more comfortable throughout your review. Once problems are identified, we can provide personalized solutions in order to improve your health and general well-being. In some cases, treatments will involve restorative dental services to ensure that all of your teeth are capable of withstanding the appropriate amount of bite pressure and contributing to your biting and chewing efforts.

Oral Health Services Can Offer More Benefits Than You Realize

Consistent dental appointments provide you with timely warnings as well as protection against threats like dental decay and gum disease. They are also opportunities to discuss headache treatments, care for ongoing teeth grinding issues, and other problems that impact your quality of life. These visits can have more value than you expect; when you go without them, you can remain vulnerable to a number of problems.

Talk To Your Houston, TX Dentist About Headache Relief!

Your dental visits provide opportunities to discuss more than just cavities and the appearance of your smile. You can find that your negative experiences with headaches are actually linked to problems with your oral health and jaw movement, issues that we can address. Call Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX at (281) 974-4494 to learn more about how we can help you with your headache issues!

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