Vlachakis_InternalPhotos_UltrasonicScalingMinimal Discomfort Treatment for Gum Disease

If you suffer from gum disease, scaling and planing can remove bacteria from your teeth and gums, reducing inflammation and ending your discomfort. At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry, we offer advanced ultrasonic deep cleaning. By using sound waves to remove plaque and bacteria, Dr. Vlachakis can eliminate the discomfort associated with traditional scaling and planing. With this advanced treatment, improving your oral health has never been easier.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a common condition, affecting over half of all American adults. When bacteria linger in your mouth, plaque and tartar will form on your teeth. In turn, this accumulation can irritate and inflame your sensitive gum tissue. The early stage of gum disease, called gingivitis, can easily be treated with a thorough dental cleaning. However, if gingivitis goes untreated, it will eventually progress to full gum disease, or periodontitis. As bacteria spread to your gums, they will form pockets in the tissue, leading to receding gums, tooth loss, and jawbone degeneration.

What Is Scaling and Planing?

Scaling and planing is one of the most effective and widely used treatments for periodontitis. After numbing your gums, Dr. Vlachakis will remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth. She will also eliminate the pockets of bacteria from your gums and even out rough patches on your dental roots where bacteria can easily accumulate. She may place an antibacterial solution in the periodontal pockets for more effective treatment. Dr. Vlachakis typically performs deep cleaning in one to four visits. With proper maintenance of your teeth and gums, you could enjoy lifelong freedom from periodontal disease.

What Are the Advantages of Ultrasonic Scaling?

Traditionally, dentists performed scaling and planing using handheld surgical implements. Today, Dr. Vlachakis uses a small ultrasonic wand, producing sound waves to break up tartar and bacteria. Ultrasonic deep cleaning is more comfortable and involves a shorter recovery time than manual scaling and planing. It is also more precise, meaning that your healthy gum tissue will be unaffected by the procedure.

Do You Need Ultrasonic Scaling?

If you exhibit signs of gingivitis, then Dr. Vlachakis may be able to help you stop gum disease with ultrasonic scaling and root planing. To find out if you need ultrasonic scaling, schedule an examination by calling Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry today at (281) 974-4494. Located in Memorial City Plaza, we proudly serve the residents of Houston, Memorial City, Bunker Hill, West Beltway, City Center, Hedwig Village, and all surrounding communities.