Pain: It’s Your Oral Health Warning

womanwonderingredNobody really likes to talk about pain, particularly because it’s something nobody enjoys experiencing. However, it is important to remember that this sensation is one that generally lets your body know something isn’t quite right. When we’re talking about discomfort and your oral health, you should consider some helpful advice that will protect your smile in the long run.

When You Have A Toothache

When your tooth hurts, it is generally a sign that something is off with your oral health. Though a sudden impact can certainly leave your tooth feeling sore, when nothing traumatic has happened, pain is giving you heads up that you need to schedule a visit with us. For instance, if you have a cavity in your tooth, you will likely experience some pain or sensitivity. If your tooth is infected and requires a root canal treatment, pain will certain rear its head.

When Your Tongue Hurts

It’s often very alarming for patients when their tongues hurt. This can either mean that you harmed it by biting it in your sleep, straining the muscles a bit, or otherwise – or that something is lurking beneath the surface. Whether you’re dealing with a warning sign of oral cancer or something less serious, we urge you to schedule a visit with us immediately. The sooner you receive care and treatment, the easier it is for us to successfully eliminate the problem.

When Your Head Hurts

When you have a headache, you may attribute it to many things. When you keep experiencing headaches, remember to bring this up at your next visit (or schedule a time to learn more about headache relief). Dental issues are often the cause.

What To Do

Simply give us a call and explain what is going on. You will receive a date and time for a checkup that works for you, so you can come in, find out what’s happening with your oral health, and immediately begin moving forward toward a healthy mouth.

Plan Your Visit

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