Quiz: Have Headaches Overtaken Your Life?

quizcardslightsHow often do you suffer from a headache? Is this an occasional problem for you? Or, do you feel like you almost always have a headache or that they regularly come and go? If you answered “yes” to the final question, it’s important that you realize you have options. Ready to see if headaches have overtaken your life and how to achieve headache relief? Good! Learn more about your situation with a quiz.

Quiz: True or False?

  1. Q1: True or False: It’s completely normal to have daily headaches – some people simply get them quite frequently but it does not mean anything is wrong.
  2. Q2: True or False: Since you can achieve headache relief with over-the-counter medication or prescription pills, there’s no reason to come in to see us regarding this issue.
  3. Q3: True or False: You will always need to take medicine to deal with headaches.

Quiz Answers

  1. A1: False. Daily headaches are not “normal.” A headache is a sign that something is not balanced in your body. As a result, researching and identifying the problem and treating it will alleviate the discomfort and address the underlying concern.
  2. A2: False. While achieving temporary headache relief is always a wonderful sensation, you may be ignoring a significant problem that will only become worse if neglected (like posture problems, bruxism, or TMJ disorder). To avoid relying more and more heavily on medicine, speak with us about how we can address the problem comprehensively.
  3. A3: False. We offer treatment that does not require medicine – you can enjoy headache relief through natural means.

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