Seek Treatment In 2015

2015goodbyesignHave you been telling yourself that you will give us a call to schedule an appointment in 2016 (as your way of procrastinating without losing sight of your oral health)? While resolutions are always a wonderful way of motivating yourself to do positive things, this approach can backfire when it comes to your dental care. You see, your dental insurance benefits will probably not parallel your plans to put off your visit for another month. Good news, however – you still have time! Learn more, so you are prepared to say goodbye to 2015 with a beautiful, healthy smile on your face.

Why Seek Treatment Now?

Your dental insurance benefits – though plan vary – typically provide you with coverage for a 12-month period from January through December. This means that any treatments or care you wish to receive with coverage from your current plan will need to be completed by the last day of December 2015 to qualify. Not sure if this applies to you or what types of benefits remain? Call your carrier right away, ask your questions, and receive the clarification you need before making the most of this year’s final weeks.

About That Treatment You Still Need

Are you suffering from daily headaches but you aren’t sure why? Does your tooth hurt? Have you been a bit lax regarding your preventive care appointments? Whatever is on your mind when it comes to your oral health, we suggest using your dental insurance benefits to the fullest. Call us today, so we may discuss your goals and find a day and time that work for your schedule before we welcome in the next calendar year.

Plan Your Visit

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