Nitrous Oxide Knocks Nerves Aside

relaxedwomancircleDo you find that you become nervous simply at the mention of the word “dentist?” Are you struggling with severe dental anxiety that makes it nearly impossible to schedule an appointment, let alone show up for one? Maybe you aren’t nervous about the treatments but you have trouble relaxing in general. Whatever the case, we offer nitrous oxide for a visit that you can look forward to. Wondering what to make of this sedation dentistry option? Allow us to answer your questions.

Q&A: Nitrous Oxide

Question: I’m afraid of needles – is nitrous oxide an injection?

Answer: No! This sedation option is wonderful for patients who struggle with a phobia of injections – we will provide you with this sedative, commonly called laughing gas, through a mask. You will simply breathe the gas in through a mask we place gently over your nose for almost instant relaxation.

Question: What will nitrous oxide do for me?

Answer: We consider this our gentlest form of sedation but not because it offers weak effects. It may make you feel like everything is somewhat funny or you may experience a sense of euphoria. Either way, you will feel tranquil and your nerves will disappear. It is considered “gentle” because it is safe for most patients and wears off quickly.

Question: If it wears off quickly, will I need someone to drive me home after my visit?

Answer: No. This is one of the major advantages of nitrous oxide. As quickly as it works, it leaves your system just as fast. Fortunately, this means you can return to whatever plans you previously created.

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