Dental Anxiety: Your FAQs

relaxedwomangrassHave you been putting off dental treatment for many years but can’t quite figure out a solution for your procrastination? Or, perhaps you schedule dental visits but you feel so emotionally exhausted afterwards that just the mention of a follow-up visit is excruciating. Dental anxiety presents itself in many forms, which is why we offer sedation dentistry solutions for relaxing visits. Because we often find that our patients either feel alone or do not even recognize that their suffering is a well-known cause of putting-off treatment, we have compiled the following answers to your most frequently asked questions about dental anxiety and our solution to solving this issue:

Question: Am I the only one with dental anxiety?

Answer: Not a chance. You are one of millions who put off dental treatment or who suffer without mentioning their emotional discomfort.

Question: I know dental care is important even though I have never had a particularly bad experience – why am I so anxious?

Answer: Anxiety manifests for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, patients feel embarrassed by the health of their teeth, they feel uncomfortable as a result of the sounds, sights, and smells at a dental office, or they simply feel out of control in the chair.

Question: Is it normal to feel afraid?

Answer: Yes. It is normal to feel apprehensive. Some patients have had negative experiences or are simply not sure what to expect.

Question: What do you offer to treat anxiety?

Answer: To combat your concerns, we have a variety of solutions in place. First, we practice compassionate, gentle dentistry to ensure you feel comfortable. We also provide patients with sedation dentistry solutions, including nitrous oxide and oral sedation – both of which are injection-free – so you may achieve a truly tranquil state during your treatment.


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