Technology: 2 Methods For Improved Communication

computernetworkIt’s a wonderful feeling to create trusting relationships with our patients, recognizing that they often take our diagnoses and treatment suggestions at face value. However, it is part of our mission to ensure our patients feel fully informed, educated, and confident with our dental care. As a result, we consistently rely on advanced dental technology as a means of improving communication between ourselves and our patients. Curious about how technology might play a role in your visits with us? Give us a moment to offer some additional information.

Intraoral Camera Use

Have you ever wondered what it is we are looking at while we examine your smile? Perhaps you can feel something is “off” with your tooth or a portion of your mouth and, though you believe what we describe during your checkup, you are having trouble visualizing the details. Rest easy – this is where dental technology may save the day. We may quickly snap images of your mouth’s interior with the use of an intraoral camera. The device and lens are tiny, yet they capture high-resolution images, so we can show you visually what is going on with your oral health, rather than relying on words alone.

Digital X-Rays

We might tell you that you have an impacted wisdom tooth, that your jaw tissue is damaged or deteriorating, or that you have an infection deep within your tooth. These are all problems that occur beneath the visible surface of your smile. To ensure you connect with the problem – and that we make precise, accurate diagnoses – we rely on advanced dental technology in the form of digital X-rays. This efficient method of gathering a detailed look at the deeper tissues of your smile allows everyone to see firsthand what’s happening behind the scenes.

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