Bruxism Review: What Is It, Exactly?

bruxismstopYou may be struggling with headaches, TMJ disorder, or even strange new changes to your teeth. When you learn that the underlying cause is bruxism disorder, your relief that there’s an answer and a name for what’s going on may be followed by your realization that you have absolutely no idea what this disorder is! Fortunately, we can quickly run through the details, so you know what’s happening, what to do, and what the future holds!

The Very Basic Bruxism Details

Put very simply, bruxism disorder is when you grind your teeth or clench your teeth in an involuntary yet chronic manner.

Why Is This A Problem?

Bruxism disorder is a problem because it can lead to awful side effects that damage your teeth and lead to discomfort. For instance, if you’re grinding or clenching quite often, the following may occur:

  • You end up with pain that may include headaches
  • Your teeth begin to wear away
  • You crack, break, or chip your teeth
  • You end up with TMJ disorder
  • You eventually deal with tooth loss

Why Can’t I Just Stop Doing It?

As we mentioned, people suffering from bruxism disorder aren’t doing this as an intentional habit. Instead, it’s happening even though you aren’t even aware you’re doing it.

How Do I Protect Myself?

You protect yourself from bruxism disorder by following any lifestyle guidelines we suggest (like avoiding other, voluntary chewing habits). You also come in for bruxism treatment, so we can gently and effectively protect your oral health.

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