Month: October 2017

Holiday Headache Relief

Think you’re going to need headache relief for the holidays? What would you say the problem is, exactly? Are you experiencing frustrating pain in your head that never seems to leave (and that you’re worried will get in the way of upcoming festivities)? Perhaps you’re seeking a less literal type of relief because there’s something… Read more »

Headache Relief: 3 Reasons It’s Time

When you experience a headache more frequently than once in a blue moon, you might refer to yourself as someone who gets headaches. Now, if you are someone who has them weekly or daily, you’re a person dealing with chronic headaches! This, as you have likely begun to notice, is not a comfortable or enjoyable… Read more »

The Timing Of Things: Your Smile

When you’re putting your best effort into protecting your smile, what you want is for your oral health to remain safe. What you don’t want is to fall short and end up with problems. So, how to keep ahead of any potential issues? What to do, so you’re not overreacting or waiting too long to… Read more »

Quiz: Halloween And Headache Triggers

As the fun, scary, and thrilling holiday we know and love as Halloween steadily heads our way, what are your thoughts in relation to your headaches? Have you ever considered that holidays may bring with them a slew of triggers that will most certainly remind you it’s time to visit us for headache relief? Since… Read more »