3 Problems People Can Experience Due To Bruxism

Have you noticed that you tend to wake up with stiffness in your face and jaw, or dental sensitivity? Do you feel like your teeth are starting to lose their shape because of wear and tear? People who experience these problems have symptoms of bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding. This problem often takes place while they sleep – while you should be resting peacefully, you can unconsciously clench your jaw throughout the night. This can lead to several problems, including some big issues for your oral health and smile! At our Houston, TX dental practice, we are ready to identify signs of bruxism, and provide treatment for you. Taking care of the problem can help you stay out of pain, and it can protect you from potentially serious dental damage!

1. Chipped And Cracked Teeth

When you unconsciously clench your teeth, you can apply considerable pressure to them. As you continue to deal with bruxism, this frequent grinding can lead to wear and tear, and eventually cause more serious damage to occur! It is possible for a person to clench their jaw with enough force to break teeth, and require dental crowns as a result. Fortunately, a special appliance we can provide can help you stop your teeth from making contact at all, so damage resulting from bruxism can be avoided.

2. Discomfort While Biting, Chewing, And Speaking

Bruxism and TMJ dysfunction are often closely connected, and one can cause the other to occur. If you are in a situation where you frequently feel pain in your jaw throughout the day, have persistent neck pains, or suffer from headaches, you may need to worry about TMJ dysfunction. Just as an appliance can help you deal with teeth grinding, it is possible for a custom oral insert to help reduce pressure on your jaw joints. Over time, wearing this appliance can help you alleviate pain concentrated in your jaw, and reduce other symptoms of discomfort.

3. Recurring Headache Issues

Recurring headaches or migraines may not seem like a matter for your dentist, but these issues really can be closely linked to your oral health. If you have headaches, and you show signs of teeth grinding, treatment for bruxism can bring relief. With that said, we do offer evaluations with the TruDenta system, which will allow us to find the root causes of headaches, and recommend the right service (or services) to put a stop to them!

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