Should You Visit Your Dentist To Talk About Teeth Grinding?

Your mornings are becoming less pleasant because you keep waking up with painful or sensitive teeth, and a sore jaw. These issues are signs that you have begun grinding your teeth at night, and you should know that the problem can worsen over time. Eventually, your tendency to clench your jaw while asleep can cause visible wear and tear that hurts your smile. You can even grind your teeth with enough force to chip or crack your enamel! This ongoing problem, known as bruxism, is something we can help you address at our Houston, TX dental office. We can provide a custom appliance that you can wear at night to stop you from hurting your smile. We can also help you if your problem is connected to unaddressed issues with TMJ dysfunction.

Teeth Grinding Can Become A Serious Oral Health Issue

You can bite down with remarkable force. While this makes it easier for us to chew through tougher foods, it can be trouble for someone who is experiencing issues with bruxism. Eventually, the stress you produce by grinding your teeth can start to impact your appearance by creating noticeable wear and tear, or even signs of dental damage. If your issues with bruxism are connected to TMJ dysfunction, or if your problem leads to troubles for your jaw, you can begin experiencing painful headaches, have trouble moving your jaw, and feel discomfort in your face and neck throughout the day.

Using An Oral Appliance To Prevent Damage From Teeth Grinding

A custom appliance can be created for you to help you manage your issues with bruxism. This is a guard that is specially made to fit your bite. Its design is intended to make it comfortable, so it does not interfere with your rest, while being strong enough to keep your bruxism from hurting your teeth. While this can protect you from the effects of bruxism, you may benefit from additional oral health treatments that address the reason for your teeth grinding. Orthodontic work, or care for damaged or uneven teeth, can improve your bite, reducing jaw stress that can lead to grinding.

Dental Damage Caused By Bruxism? You May Need Restorative Dental Work

Have you already noticed a change in your teeth because of habitual nighttime grinding? If so, our practice can help! If you have dental injuries, restorative dental work may be called for – we can place custom dental crowns on any teeth that have experienced harm. Patients who only show superficial signs of dental trauma can have their teeth improved through cosmetic dentistry.

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At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry, we are prepared to help people in and around the Houston, TX area deal with problems concerning bruxism! If you suspect that you are grinding your teeth at night, or if you have other issues with your oral health, call our dental office in Houston, TX, today at (281) 974-4494.

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