The Role Dental Exams Play In Preserving Your Oral Health

How much time and effort do you devote to taking care of your teeth and gums each day? You should brush your teeth at least two times, and take at least two minutes for each session. You should also floss on a daily basis to protect yourself against plaque and food debris. Hopefully, you are consistently performing these tasks, and also limiting your consumption of sugar. All of these measures can give you meaningful support against problems like cavities and periodontal disease. With that said, even great daily habits should not serve as a substitute for regular dental exams. In addition to helping you avoid common problems like tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gingivitis, our Houston, TX dental office can protect you against problems like bruxism and TMJ dysfunction, which can hurt your quality of life.

The Importance Of Regularly Scheduling Appointments With Your Dentist

To keep your smile in good health, you should schedule regular dental exams on a semiannual basis. Because your teeth are professionally cleaned at each appointment, you can count on long-term protection against tartar buildup. These sessions also alert your hygienist to any problems with your oral care routine that should be addressed. During the evaluation that takes place at your appointment, your dentist is able to watch out for signs of decay, and evidence of any infection in your gums. This examination can also lead to the recognition of wear and tear, which can result because of chronic teeth grinding, and may point to TMJ troubles that can affect your dental function.

What You Should Know About Tartar

Why is it important to have your hygienist remove tartar deposits at your cleanings? The buildup of this stubborn substance puts your smile in jeopardy of problems that require restorative dental care. Unfortunately, we are not able to remove deposits through brushing and flossing alone, so buildup can be an ongoing problem. When individuals are not taking the need for preventive dental care seriously, they can allow tartar buildup to worsen, and negatively impact their dental health.

We Address More Than Just Cavities During Your Examination

By checking on your jaw movement, and looking for signs of dental wear and tear, we can determine if you have any issues with TMJ dysfunction or bruxism that should be addressed. TMJ problems include any issue that might affect your jaw joints and muscles, limit your bite motion, and cause chronic pain. Bruxism refers to a problem with teeth grinding, one that tends to occur at night. If these matters go untreated, your teeth can be damaged, and you can experience problems with recurring headaches.

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