We Can Offer Modern Treatment For Your Broken Tooth

The pain of a broken tooth can be hard enough to deal with on its own, but you also have to worry about the impact dental damage can have on your smile. When people in the Houston, TX area experience dental injuries, our practice is ready to help! We can perform a review to determine what kind of restorative dental treatment is appropriate for you based on the condition of your tooth. Patients who come to us can count on receiving a modern dental crown that imitates the color, size, and shape of your natural tooth. You should know that if the situation is warranted, we are ready to provide dental care for you if the matter is an emergency.

Planning Treatment For A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

If your tooth is chipped, cracked, or damaged in any other way, prompt restorative care can be important. If you experience an injury that causes you persistent pain, you could be dealing with an infection that should be addressed as soon as possible. When you arrive at our practice, we can take a close look at the degree of harm you have experienced. Our goal is to fully restore your smile and oral health while minimizing the actual work on your tooth structure.

Restoring Your Injured Tooth Can Provide Important Bite Support

By restoring an injured tooth with a modern dental crown, we can make sure you have no concerns about the way you look. A lifelike restoration can be created to fit in so well with your smile that you remain confident people cannot tell your crown apart from your natural teeth. What you should know is that these crowns do more than just help you smile with confidence! Although they are popular for being so natural-looking, the modern crowns we use are strong enough to help you bite and chew comfortably. The goal is to allow you to practice your natural bite. If a problem changes the way you bite and chew, it can create stress on your jaw that lead to TMJ problems and chronic headaches!

Can I Address Dental Damage With Cosmetic Work?

If your damaged tooth only experiences minor trauma, it may be possible to restore it with cosmetic dental work. This means your dentist can provide a more conservative treatment that preserves more of your healthy tooth structure. The porcelain veneers we can use to hide chips and cracks will only cover the front of a tooth, not its entire surface above your gum line like a crown would. Custom veneers can help make a tooth look healthy, and they can even address concerns about the color of your enamel.

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