We Can Offer TruDenta Treatment To Address Your Headaches

If you continue to suffer from headaches, and feel unsure of why this is the case, it may be time to talk with your dentist about the matter. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we can provide relief from chronic headaches through TruDenta treatment. This technology allows us to check on problems with your jaw joints and muscles, which can cause frequent headaches in addition to problems like teeth grinding and TMJ disorder. With the information gathered, we can help you put a stop to chronic discomfort by performing targeted, nonsurgical work to alleviate problems with your jaw joints and muscles that can hurt your quality of life.

Are Chronic Headaches Really A Concern For My Dentist?

If you have frequent struggles with headaches and no clear reason for why this is, you should say something to your dentist. Many people who suffer from headaches have unresolved tension in their facial muscles and jaw joints. When this tension builds up, it can start to affect your quality of life by causing you to feel frequent pain. You may have more cause to suspect a problem with your jaw is responsible for your headaches if you often experience facial discomfort, limited jaw movement, teeth grinding, or other issues.

Arranging TruDenta Treatment

Through TruDenta treatment, we can gather important information about your jaw function. We use technology to carefully study your bite, with the goal of identifying any imbalances or imperfections that should be addressed. Making changes to your bite function can lead to important benefits, as can therapies that help you control the stress that affects your facial muscles and jaw joints. After a review, we can also determine if you might require restorative dental work in order to improve your bite function.

TruDenta Treatment Can Also Help With TMJ Disorder And Chronic Teeth Grinding

Stress, joint misalignment, and an uneven bite can cause a person to develop TMJ disorder, as well as a habit of grinding their teeth. As we alleviate problems through TruDenta treatment, it becomes possible to target the issues that also cause these difficulties. TruDenta has additionally shown to be beneficial for people who experience sleep apnea.

Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry Can Offer TruDenta Treatment For Individuals With Chronic Headaches

At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry, we are proud to provide TruDenta treatment for individuals who experience frequent, frustrating headaches. In addition to providing routine dental services, we can use the technology in our office to find out why you have difficulties with headaches, bite troubles, and other related concerns.  To learn how TruDenta can help you with headaches, or to discuss any other matters that may be affecting your oral health, call Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX at (281) 974-4494.

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