TruDenta And Headache Relief

Are you currently living with headaches that occur frequently? The problem may be one that you should bring to your dentist. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we can work with you to determine how this discomfort might be linked to problems with your jaw health and movement. With TruDenta, we can gather detailed information that enables us to treat problems with jaw alignment and movement that negatively affect your quality of life. In addition to helping with headaches, we can use this technology to assist those who struggle with TMJ disorder, teeth grinding, and even problems with sleep apnea!

Are Your Headaches Connected To Dental Problems?

The reason you have more headaches than normal could be due to a problem with your jaw alignment and movement. When you have problems with the movement of your jaw, you can experience several types of worsening discomfort. Your issues may be connected to TMJ disorder, a problem with misalignment and joint stress that can interfere with your bite, cause more pain, and do more to interfere with your quality of life. Through the use of TruDenta, we can help you understand the source of your discomfort, and we can start therapies to put problems behind you!

How TruDenta Helps Us Improve Your Quality Of Life

With the right imaging technology, we can capture important information about your jaw movement and look for problems that can negatively affect the joints and muscles. With this information, we can determine how to alleviate the kind of stress that causes a person to suffer more headaches. This is intended to be a nonsurgical approach to care, one that minimizes changes and is generally less intrusive to make your recovery easier.

What Else Can TruDenta Do For You?

Through our digital evaluations and corrections to your jaw movement, we can address more than just chronic headaches. The work of retraining your jaw movement can ease tension that causes you to feel jaw pain, experience joint stiffness, and deal with difficulties related to teeth grinding. We can also use TruDenta to help you put a stop to problems with sleep apnea, which means your care can help you regain the ability to sleep soundly!

Talk To Your Houston, TX Dentist About Your Interest In Headache Relief!

Living with frequent headaches can be more than just uncomfortable, as it can rob you of focus, interfere with your schedule, and lower your overall quality of life. Through TruDenta, we can identify problems with your jaw health and movement that trigger headaches, and from there we can work with you to provide relief from your ongoing struggles. To find out more about this and other services, please call Healthy Smiles in Houston, TX today at 281-974-4494.

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