Dental Cleanings And Effective Tartar Control

While tartar buildup does not require restorative dental work, it does call for care in the dentist’s office. This substance forms when plaque deposits harden, creating accumulations of harmful materials that remain on your teeth until they are cleaned by your hygienist. Without the right in-office care, this can lead to more issues with dental decay and gum disease, which means you are more likely to need more involved treatment. Our Houston, TX dentist’s office is here to help you take on oral health concerns, including those early worries about tartar buildup. You can do your part to fight its buildup by sticking to a consistent and thorough smile care routine between appointments.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Tartar Buildup

If you have tartar deposits on your smile, they will remain in place until you have your teeth cleaned by your hygienist. This buildup is not something that you can remove on your own. Because this substance raises your risk for dental problems that make restorative dental work necessary, letting it form means having greater risks for other issues. You can also feel self-conscious when you have visible deposits that negatively affect your smile.

Are You Consistently Visiting Your Dentist For Routine Care?

Typically, a patient should have an appointment set for routine dental care every six months. If you go longer between visits, you can have more issues with tartar, and you are more likely to have problems with tooth decay and gum disease that develop and worsen. Consistent care means lowering your risk for problems over time. When you go in for your appointment, your teeth will be cleaned as well as closely evaluated. You will also receive a review to determine if any other issues, such as gum disease or TMJ disorder, might need to be managed.

Fighting Tartar Formation At Home

You may not be able to remove tartar buildup after these deposits form, but you can remove plaque deposits before they harden. Make sure you follow a good oral hygiene routine at home. Take care to brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. Remember that you also need to take time to thoroughly floss each evening to fight the accumulation of food debris and oral bacteria between teeth.

Talk To Your Houston, TX Dentist About Dental Cleanings And Tartar Control

Through better tartar control, you can lower your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, and you can better preserve your quality smile. Fighting this buildup calls for both consistent daily care and regular checkups and cleanings provided at the dentist’s office. If you would like to find out more, reach out to your Houston, TX, dentist, Dr. Vlachakis, by calling 281-974-4494.

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