Teeth Whitening

Remove Your Smile Stains With Professional Whitening

If you notice your smile taking on a yellow hue or stains forming on the surface of certain teeth, a professional whitening session can return its original bright white look. It is common for certain foods, drinks, and tobacco to leave our smile worse for wear as the years go by. While a store-bought treatment may seem handy, whitening from your dentist offers a professional edge. At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry, we customize the level of your treatment to lift marks that an over-the-counter kit may leave behind. You can expect more predictable results when selecting from the multiple forms of whitening we provide. In-office treatment and at-home kits are available for your convenience.

Selecting Whitening With In-Office Treatment

Our in-office whitening treatment combines the application of a powerful bleaching gel with a special light that accelerates the gel’s effect. Enjoy dramatic smile improvement in less than an hour as we are able to perform round after round while you sit in our chair. Your comfort during treatment is our priority, and we take special care to avoid irritating your gums when applying your gel. This service is suitable for patients who require results right away.

Enjoy A Brighter Smile At Home

If you would like to take a more gradual approach to fighting dental discoloration, we design take-home kits that use the same strength gel as our in-office treatments. We will take an imprint of your smile to design a custom set of trays that help apply your whitening gel. By wearing your trays for an hour or two a day, you can enjoy results within two weeks. This method allows you to prolong your results by performing touchups whenever you would like.

Explore Your Options For Treating Dental Discoloration With Your Houston, TX, Dentist

A professional-grade whitening session can return the youthful appearance of unblemished enamel. To learn more about your options for tackling stains on the surface of your smile, talk to a member of our team at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, at (281) 974-4494 and schedule a visit today.

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