Dental Fillings

Repairing Your Tooth After Removing Decay

At each of your dental checkups, we will perform a visual examination to identify any signs of tooth decay. If we suspect you have one or more cavities, we will take a digital X-ray to determine the scope of your damage. While more advanced decay may require treatment with a dental crown, we can repair the majority of cavities with a minimally invasive, custom-designed filling. Clearing decaying material from your tooth leaves a hole that exposes its sensitive insides to potential reinfection. By placing a filling, we return the seal of your tooth’s enamel, preserving your smile and protecting the tooth against future decay.

What Are Dental Fillings?

At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry, we provide multiple materials to repair your tooth after decay damages its protective outer layer. A filling fortifies the tooth after removing decaying material to support your bite and protect the sensitive inner portions from harmful oral bacteria. When we discover a cavity, we suggest removing it right away to prevent any additional loss of healthy structure. After placing your filling, we will carefully polish the tooth to return its bright appearance.

Selecting Your Filling Material

By identifying tooth decay and placing a filling, we prevent the need for more extensive treatment later on. To facilitate this process, you may choose from the following materials to craft your filling:

  • Metal and metal amalgam – You may prefer a metal filling for repairing mild or moderate cavities. Depending on your specific needs, your metal filling can be constructed from silver, silver amalgam (a combination of silver and other trace metals) or gold. These fillings are durable and can provide a high degree of support for teeth exposed to significant bite force such as molars and premolars.
  • Composite resin – Tooth-colored composite resin can bind instantly to repair the hole left by your cavity. This restoration allows you to enjoy food or drink immediately after leaving your appointment. Made from synthetic resin, we can shade these fillings to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Speak With Your Houston, TX, Dentist About Repairing Your Cavity

If you suspect you have existing problems with tooth decay, do not wait to seek treatment! Dental fillings can repair holes left by cavities before decay becomes more advanced. To learn more about your options for repairing your smile, or to schedule a visit, talk to a member of our team at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, at (281) 974-4494.

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