Professional-Strength Teeth-Whitening

The development of teeth stains is one of the most common smile concerns, which makes professional teeth-whitening one of the most frequently performed cosmetic dentistry treatments. Fortunately for most patients, common teeth stains can often be easily and conveniently dealt with, thanks to the help of professional teeth-whitening. Custom-designed to meet your unique needs and preferences, and to fit as conveniently as possible into your schedule, professional teeth-whitening can effectively erase most stains that develop on your teeth’s surfaces. It’s also safe enough to brighten your teeth structures without causing any harm to your healthy tooth enamel.

Teeth-whitening in our office

Teeth-whitening is a topical treatment that involves applying a strong but gentle bleaching agent to the surfaces of your teeth. The procedure can be performed in a single visit to our office, during which we can stimulate the gel to effectively break and remove stains immediately. Typically, in-office teeth-whitening takes about an hour, and is often recommended for patients who need a brighter smile in a hurry.

Brightening your smile from home

If you don’t need to brighten your smile in a hurry, then we might suggest more leisurely teeth-whitening from the comfort of home. Using a custom-designed set of whitening trays that fit comfortably over your teeth, you can apply the professional-strength bleaching gel to your teeth for 1-2 hours each day. In about 10-14 days, you can successfully brighten your smile by several shades, and enjoy a blemish-free smile once again.

Find the best way to brighten your smile

Your teeth can stain naturally over time, but with professional-strength teeth-whitening, erasing them can be easier and more convenient than you might have realized. To learn more, schedule a consultation at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, today by calling (281) 974-4494.