How Orthodontics Relieves Headaches

headacheredspotSometimes you suffer from a headache because you had a stressful day or as the result of illness. But what should you think when you suffer from daily headaches without an obvious underlying cause? In addition to dealing with discomfort, you may also find yourself shouldering the frustration of daily pain. If this speaks to you, we encourage you to talk to us about how orthodontics relieves headaches. You may find that your problem is actually dental-related and that treatment and comfort are in sight.

The Cause of Discomfort

When your teeth and jaws are properly aligned, your mouth functions comfortably and efficiently. You may close your teeth together with complete comfort. However, when a single portion of this system is off, you may find that you cannot comfortably close your mouth, which may make speaking or eating quite uncomfortable. You may even compensate by shifting your jaw for more effective daily function. The major drawback? This places stress on your jaw joints and surrounding supportive tissues, which may in turn cause you to suffer from headaches as a result of strain and tension.

Find Relief With Orthodontics

Wondering how orthodontic care care may help? This field of dentistry focuses on helping you improve your misalignment, so you may achieve teeth and jaws that line up with one another. You may need braces or other treatments to gently yet effectively shift your teeth into proper alignment. Patients suffering from crooked teeth, overcrowding, spacing, open bites, under bites, over bites, and crossbites may find that orthodontics will relieve stress on their jaw joints, while eradicating headaches. If you require care, we will refer you to a trusted orthodontist. 


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