Say Goodbye to TMJ Disorder

jawpainbrunetteIf you suffer from TMJ disorder (TMD) you are already quite familiar with the discomfort that you experience as a result of damaged or poorly functioning jaw joints (your TMJs – short for temporomandibular joints). You may deal with a clicking or popping jaw, a jaw that locks when you open or close your mouth, discomfort in surrounding areas, including your face, neck, and shoulders, and even headaches. Fortunately, we offer a variety of TMJ treatments to alleviate your symptoms, while protecting your jaw health from potential long-term damage. Wondering if we can help return you to daily comfort? Learn more with the following:

Addressing Your Bite

The way your top and bottom teeth fit together may place stress on your TMJs. This often occurs because you may make slight adjustments to the way you move your jaw to create a more comfortable closed mouth. However, because this includes moving your jaw in an unnatural fashion, your jaw joints suffer. TMJ treatment in this case may require the use of a comfortable mouth guard, which will prevent you from grinding your teeth and may gently realign your jaw, so your jaw joints may rest. Or, we may address your misalignment with orthodontics or by replacing missing teeth to balance your bite.

Alleviating Stress and Discomfort

For more immediate relief, we may offer one of two TMJ treatment solutions. For pain, we often suggest anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce discomfort. Fortunately, by combing this with efforts for long-term improvement, you can steadily work toward addressing the underlying problem. Treatment also includes suggestions for relieving daily stress, which can cause anxiety and the subsequent grinding or clenching of your teeth.

A Full Evaluation

We will use a system called TruDenta® to thoroughly evaluate your bite, while providing you with a personalized care plan that focuses on identifying concerns as well as ways to you to retrain your usual muscle habits for improved jaw health.


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