Address Headaches With Bruxism Treatment

jawpainblueGetting to the bottom of your chronic headaches can feel like a major headache of its own. Fortunately, by visiting us for a consultation, we can quickly help you identify dental disorders or problems that may be contributing to or causing your discomfort. For example, a disorder called bruxism is commonly associated with many types of discomfort, including headaches. Fortunately, if this disorder is affecting your oral health, we offer effective bruxism treatment to alleviate daily symptoms, while inhibiting the development of serious, long-term damage. Learn more to find out if this may be the missing link to your experience.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a chronic dental disorder, which occurs when a patient grinds or clenches his or her teeth. This is not the type of grinding or clenching that happens occasionally because you feel stressed or are concentrating. Instead, this is an involuntary problem that most people don’t even recognize is happening. Many patients discover the habit when someone near them hears them grinding or clenching.

What Is The Bruxism-Headache Connection?

We suggest bruxism treatment because the disorder leads to a variety of side effects and long-term damage. As a result of grinding your teeth back and forth – or biting down with great force – a lot of pressure is placed on teeth and surrounding structures and muscles. Pain and sensitivity commonly occur, in the form of tooth sensitivity, jaw discomfort, earaches, and even headaches.

Alleviating Headaches With Bruxism Treatment

If you suffer from bruxism – and you suffer from headaches – you may be able to alleviate both the disorder and the headache side effect by choosing bruxism treatment. To address your problems, we will typically suggest that you wear a mouth guard. Made of comfortable plastic, it will prevent you from the habitual grinding and clenching that occur during sleep.

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