Tips for Dental Headache Relief

tips for dental headache reliefHeadache relief is often an important part of many patients’ dental treatment. Like a toothache, head pain can indicate a number of chronic dental health issues, from unconscious teeth-grinding and TMJ disorder to obstructive sleep apnea, and more. Diagnosing the source of your chronic headaches is the first step to finding relief, and will require a comprehensive examination and consultation with your dentist. While an accurate diagnosis is vital to prescribing an appropriate course of treatment, you may find temporary relief from dental headaches with a few tips from an expert!  

Finding Headache Relief

Get enough rest

If you experience headaches frequently in the mornings, then the issue may be associated with your sleep. For instance, bruxism and sleep apnea are typically night-time conditions, but any lack of sleep can directly cause recurring headaches to develop. Be sure to get plenty of rest every night by adhering to a bedtime and wake-up schedule to reduce your risks of related discomfort.

Alternate between heat and cold

Gentle massages to your temples can help relax your head, face, and jaw muscles to relieve tension and alleviate dental headaches. You can also use an ice-pack to reduce pain, and a heating pad to further relax the muscles. Alternating between the two will help you enjoy the best of both pain relief and muscle relaxation for optimal results.

Avoid grinding your teeth

Teeth-grinding, or bruxism, occurs most often at night, but patients who experience it may also find themselves grinding their teeth together throughout the day. Left unchecked, bruxism can cause irreversible damage to your teeth’s structures, and also strain your jaws and face muscles, leading to TMJ disorder and chronic headaches. Stop grinding your teeth when you notice it, and seek treatment with a custom bruxism appliance to stop grinding your teeth at night, as well.

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