3 Reasons To Treat Bruxism

bruxismeraseHave you come to the realization that you are suffering from bruxism? Are you aware that it’s not great to grind or clench your teeth every day but you have not yet gathered the motivation to visit us for bruxism treatment? Allow us to offer up some reasons you should go ahead and get that motivation going. The sooner you permit us to provide treatment for your oral health, the greater our ability to keep your smile healthy, while preventing serious damage.

Reason #1: It May Lead To TMJ Disorder

If you avoid bruxism treatment, your bruxism will continue to occur. The more and more you grind your teeth and clench your teeth, the more pressure you place on your jaw joints – these are the joints that allow you to move your jaw (one is located on either side of your head). Also called your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), they can become strained and damaged from bruxism, leading to TMJ disorder. Avoid this problem by treating your bruxism.

Reason #2: You May Damage Your Smile

Whether you are sporting an all-natural smile, one with some dental work like fillings or crowns, or a smile with cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers, you will want to seek out bruxism treatment. This is because the friction and pressure from bruxism will eventually lead to cracks, damage, chips, and breaks to your teeth or dental work – eventually, tooth loss may even occur.

Reason #3: Bruxism Leads To Discomfort

As you can imagine, bruxism can lead to a variety of uncomfortable side effects like sensitive teeth, headaches, jaw discomfort, face pain, and more. Seek bruxism treatment with us, so you can avoid discomfort as well as damage.

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