Are You Making TMJ Disorder Worse?

jawpainwomansweaterAre you suffering from TMJ disorder? Fortunately, we offer effective treatment to protect your oral health and restore your comfort. Unfortunately, if you are not keeping up with treatment or if you are not giving your jaw joints the special care they need during this time, you might actually be making things worse. Do yourself a favor and consider some small changes you might need to make to your daily life to keep your TMJs safe.

#1: You Forget To Wear Your Mouth Guard

Have you already begun TMJ disorder treatment with us? If the answer is, “yes” and you continue to forget about your mouth guards for nighttime, you’re doing yourself a big disservice. You see, sleep is a time that allows your body to regenerate and rest. Wearing your oral appliance will allow your muscles to relax, giving your TMJs a break. Make the most of this time of the day, so your jaw joints feel better in the morning – not worse.

#2: You’re Trying To Stretch Your Jaw Muscles

Unless we have provided you with specific instructions for exercises, it is important to remember that the best solution for TMJ disorder is to rest your jaws. When you attempt to “stretch” your muscles, you overwork your TMJs. As a result, you cause them more stress and strain, which leads to further discomfort and potential damage.

#3: You’re Unintentionally Making Poor Choices

You might not even realize you’re making a few bad choices throughout the day that cause you to work your jaw joints more than you need to. For instance, skip chewy and hard foods and opt for softer options instead. Avoid chewing on your nails or your pen, all-day snacking, or chewing on gum.

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