3 Surprising Bruxism Side Effects

womansurprisedWhen you learn about the basics of bruxism disorder, you first discover that this includes the clenching of your teeth (or grinding). The problem is not something you can treat on your own because it is involuntary, meaning you are not intentionally performing this habit, so you cannot remedy the situation. Fortunately, we offer bruxism treatment to assist you in preventing side effects and long-term damage. While eroded teeth and TMJ disorder are among the more commonly known associated problems, we encourage you to consider a few surprising side effects (particularly if you have not yet sought treatment).

Side Effect #1: Your Partner Can’t Sleep

Patients often come to us asking about bruxism treatment because their significant other heard them grinding their teeth. Unfortunately, the noise that comes with grinding can be extremely off-putting and annoying (especially if it wakes your partner up from sleep). Avoid making those in your life frustrated and protect your smile by scheduling time to speak with us about bruxism.

Side Effect #2: Your Cosmetic Work Becomes Damaged

Perhaps you just received a full set of porcelain veneers but you have not yet done anything to treat your bruxism. Unfortunately, the daily pressure and friction from your bruxism disorder can quickly cause your newly transformed smile to suffer esthetic damage, as well as injury that can affect your oral health.

Side Effect #3: Chewed Cheek and Tongue Tissue

For patients who brux in their sleep, waking up with discomfort and damage is common. For instance, if you have not yet begun bruxism treatment, you may discover that you wake up with a “chewed up” inner cheek. You may also notice indentations along the sides of your tongue. You can prevent these unsightly and often uncomfortable side effects by scheduling a visit with us.

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