Your Sedation Dentistry Options

womanrelaxedfieldHave you been considering contacting us for a visit but you feel too anxious to do so? Perhaps you have already seen us for a checkup and had a good experience but the idea of scheduling any type of procedure is something that causes you too much stress. Whatever the case, it is important you know we fully understand dental anxiety. Whether you’re struggling with minor nerves or serious fear, we are happy to help by offering sedation dentistry for relaxing dental care. Learn more about your options as you begin your journey toward tranquil visits.

About Nitrous Oxide

This is a sedation dentistry option that – though its proper term is “nitrous oxide” – you may know better as laughing gas. You will receive this sedation by inhaling a gas through a mask we place carefully over your nose. As you breathe in, the sedative will quickly take effect. Laughing gas is prized for its gentle yet effective nature – it is appropriate for patients of most ages. In addition, because it also leaves your system with great speed, you will be able to drive yourself away from the visit and return to your usual day.

About Oral Sedation

Our other sedation dentistry solution that we offer to patients is known as oral sedation. The name speaks for itself – rather than breathing in a gas, you will swallow a pill in the form of anti-anxiety medicine. You may choose to take the medication before your visit, so you arrive feeling fully relaxed. While you will remain conscious throughout your visit, you will experience deep tranquility. Keep in mind that you will need a trusted individual (like a friend or relative) to take you back to your home once the visit is complete, so you can spend the rest of the day resting as the sedative wears off.

Plan Your Visit

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